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AR Tsar Alexander I

Arkansas CBA Tsar Alexander I

Who was the Emperor of France during the Napoleonic Wars ? Napoleon I Bonaparte
What Battle did Napoleon defeat Russia in during the Russian campaign? Borodino
What city did the Russians burn to block Napoleon's advance into Russia? Moscow
What nation did Russia occupy after the Napoleonic war? Poland
What Tsar did Alexander I depose ? Paul
What was the phase used by Alexander I would sum up his belief in Government? Autocracy, Orthodoxy, and Nationalism
What Tsar succeeded Alexander I after his death? Nicholas I
Who did Russia ally with after the Treaty of Tilsit with Alexander I? France
What alliance did Russia form with the European powers after the Napoleonic wars? Holy Alliance
What Congress did Alexander personally attend after the Napoleonic Wars? Congress of Vienna
What nation did France and Russia ally against as a result of the Treaty of Tilset ? Great Britain
What nation would France support Alexander I war against/ Ottoman Empire
Russia would join what system as a result of the alliance with France ? Continental System
Alexander I also agreed to control what nation to rearm? Austria
What form of government did Alexander I tutor advocate for ? Republic
Created by: rjackson23