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Funeral Services

Types of Funeral Services and Ceremonies Ringbound NACMS inc.

National Cemetery A cemetery created for burial of veterans and their eligible family members
Outer Burial Container Any container which is designed for placement in the grave, around the casket (burial vaults etc)
Committal Service That portion of the funeral which is conducted at the place of disposition
Receiving Vault The structure designed for the temporary storage of bodies which are not to be immediately interred
Inurnment The act of placing cremated remains in an urn
Artificial Grass Imitation grass made in mat form used to cover the earth around a grave
Internment The act of placing a dead human body in the ground
Lowering Device A mechanical device used to lower a casket into the ground
Chancel the place about the altar of the church, usually enclosing the clergy and other officials
Crucifier the one who carries the processional cross in ecclesiastical processions.
Niche A burning chamber in a crematory
Narthex (Vestibule) the entry way to the church, the lobby area farthest from the altar.
Nave the main body of the church where seating is provided.
Mausoleum Building containing crypts or vaults for entombment
Protestant any western Christian who is not an adherent to the Roman Catholic Church
Vestements ritual garments of the clergy
Acolytes the altar attendants (male or female) in the Episcopal Church
Altar the table from which Holy Communion is served and prayers are offered
Benediction a ritual blessing offered at the conclusion of a service
Book of Common Prayer the text containing recitations, prayers and prescribed orders of worship in the Episcopal Church
Ecumenical an epithet applied to a council regarded as representing the whole of Christiandom
Epistle the right side of the church
Gospel the left side of the church
Pall a symbolic cloth covering placed over the casket
Parochial belonging to a parish; restricted to a parish; limited in range or scope
Funeral Rites Any funeral event performed in a solemn and prescribed manner
Funeral Service the rites held at the time of disposition of human remains with the body present
Visitation Calling hours - a time set aside for friends and relatives to pay their respects
Adaptive Funeral Rites A funeral rite that is adjusted to the needs and wants of the family
Humanistic Funeral a funeral devoid of all religious connotation
Contemporary Funeral Rites funeral observances that reflect present day influences in lieu of traditional ceremonies
Memorial Service Funeral rites without the body present
Memorial Gathering (Vigil) A scheduled assembly of family and friends following a death
Immediate Burial disposition of human remains by burial without formal viewing or ceremony with body present
Graveside Service a ceremony/ritual conducted at a grave
Direct Cremation disposition of remains by cremation without formal viewing
Green Funeral Ecologically friendly
Death Certificate a legal document containing vital statistics, disposition and final medical information pertaining to the deceased
Certified Copy of a Death Certificate a legal copy of the original certificate
Medical Examiner a forensically trained physician whose duty it is to investigate questionable or unattended deaths
Coroner a public officer whose chief duty is to investigate questionable deaths
Vital Statistics the collection of data concerning birth, marriage divorce sickness and death
Informant One who supplies the vital statistics information concerning the deceased
Kin (NOK) One's relative - blood relationship
You can obtain a disposition permit at City/Town where the burial/cremation will occur
After city office hours where can you obtain a disposition permit? Police Station or Authorized local funeral home
Rabbi Teacher or ordained leader in the Jewish faith
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