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Define Stress the body's reaction to any stimulus hat requires adjustment to a changing environment
Define Stressors the stimuli that require change, alteration of behavior, or adaptation
How does constant stress disrupt the normal activities of the body? causing illness/diseases: Migaraine, anxiety reactions depression, allergies, asthma, insomnia, heart dz
True/False is all stress harmful NO! A small amount of stress is beneficial to the body
How is a small amount of stress good? It makes you more alert, raises your energy level, motivates to accomplish a task, and more organized
Feelings that positive stress evoke are: excitement, anticipation, self-confidence, and sense of accomplishment
Feeling that negative stress evoke: frustration, boredom, irritability, anger, depression, exhaustion, and self-criticism
After an emergency the Parasympathetic nervous system counteracts the actions of the sympathetic nervous system causing the body to? slow heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure, and increasing the activity of the digestive tract
In times of emergency the sympathetic nervous system prepares the body to act by? increasing the heart rate, respirations, and blood pressure and also decreasing digestive activity
Negative stress can lead to substance abuse, smoking, drinking drug abuse, and overeating
Problem solving method to recognize stressors: 1. gather info 2. id problem 3. list solutions 4. make plan 5. implement plan 6. evaluate plan 7. adjust plan as needed
managing reactions to stress steps: 1. stop 2. deep breath 3. think about prob 4. decide on solution
Name 3 Stress reducing techniques diet, rest, exercise, meditate, write, talk
anger inborn, instinct an emotional reaction to loss
anxiety vague, unpleasant feeling that produces physiological sensation
fear result of a specific, identifiable cause, similar to anxiety
aggression a combo of frustration, hate, and/or rage
in control perception that one has choices and able to create a change in physiological state or current life circumstances
powerlessness perception that one's actions can not effect change in outcome. long term feelings of powerlessness and physical and mental fatigue
hopelessness perception that one's needs have not potential to be met. long term feeling are depression
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