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SAT's Important #4

SAT's Most IMportant Words #4

scrupulous very careful and precise
shrewd astute, smart
slipshod careless, sloppy
stupefy bewilder
susceptible easily influenced or controlled
uncanny uneasy feeling about something
crude in a natural state
unfathomable unbelievabel
ungainly clumsy
urbane elegant, sophisticated
virtuoso, virtuosity on with exceptional musical skill
wry clever or grim sense of humor
corroborate strengthen or support with additional evidence
decorum, decorous order, politeness
equitable even-handed
illicit illegal
incriminate accuse someone of a crime
indictment formally accuse of a crime
indignant angered (by injustice)
indulgent, lenient to overly indulge someone
judicious fair
ratigy approve, confirm
sanction formally approve
vindicate, vindication clear of blame or suspicion
altruistic, altruism generous
avarice greed
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