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Dev of Europe

unit 3 six grade

2. How did the rivers of Europe influence what medieval Europeans did and where they settled? 2. Europeans settled along the rivers so that they could fish, trade, and have access to drinking water. Today, most cities in Europe are still found near water.
3. What is Prince Henry the Navigator best known for? 3. Prince Henry started the Institute of Sagres to educate sailors. He sailed for Portugal and is given credit for navigating around the tip of Africa to India.
4. What was the main reason the French colonized Quebec? 4. he French wanted Quebec because of their interest in the fur trade.
5. What did the saying “the Sun never sets on the British Empire” refer to? 5. The British Empire was so large that the sun was always shining somewhere on British land.
6. Africa’s west coast was mainly controlled by which European Empire? 6. Portugal, they were also the first Europeans to participate in the slave trade.
7. South and Central American were mainly controlled by which European empire? 7. Spanish
8. North America was mainly controlled by which European empire? 8. British
9. Why did the Spanish, English, and French all colonize in the Caribbean? 9. Interest in sugarcane and its location
10. When Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean he called the people he met there “Indians.” Why? 10. Columbus thought that he had reached Asia (India) by sailing west.
11. In 1492 Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean. Why is his voyage so important today? In other words, what is Columbus best known for? 11. Columbus began to colonize the New World (brought people over from Europe to live in the New World).
12. How did each of the following features affect Europe’s colonization of the rest of the world? location of Europe,coastlines/ rivers of Europe right on the ocean so gave them access to water
12. How did each of the following features affect Europe’s colonization of the rest of the world?natural resources (wood, coal, etc…) of Europe Europe had coal to power factories and wood to build ships.
13. What is the Industrial Revolution? How did it change European society? 13. Once the Industrial Revolution began people moved from the countryside into cities where they could find factory jobs.
14. During what years was World War I fought? 14. 1914-1918
15. Which weapons were introduced during World War I? 15. submarines, machine guns, tanks, airplanes, gas masks
16. How did World War I end? 16. Treaty of Versailles, we defeated Germany
17. What were the results of World War I? 17. Treaty of Versailles
18. What was the Great Depression? What caused it? What did it lead to? 18. Time of economic depression, job loss, caused by spending too much during the 20’s, lead to WWII
19. What caused World War II? 19. Treaty of Versailles
20. During what years was World War II? 20. 1939-1945
21. Who were the Axis Powers? 21. Germany, Italy, and Japan
22. Who were the Allied Powers? 22. US, USSR, GB, and France
23. Who dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? 23. United States
24. How did World War II change the world? 24. Two superpowers, introduction of atomic bomb
25. What was the Holocaust? 25. Mass killing of jews
26. Who emerged as Superpowers at the end of World War II? 26. United States and Soviet Union
27. Describe the Cold War. What were the significant events of the Cold War? 27. Berlin Wall, Berlin Airlift, fighting with words and threats not with weapons, arms race, space race
28. What is the significance of the Berlin Wall? 28. Kept democracy on one side and communism on the other, west = free, east = communist
29. What is reunification? 29. Germany was combined again and made a whole country
1. How did the variety of physical features in Europe affect the cultures of Europe? 1. Mountains separated people and caused different cultures to emerge, so Europe has many different languages and religions in a small area which can sometimes cause problems
Created by: lynninatlanta