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Week 8


Q there are various lymph nodes in the neck. The sup. group lies on top of SCM. Where does the deep group lay, and what are the named nodes in this group? A Deep group lies under the SCM, with the jugulodigastric more sup, and the juguloomohyoid inf.
Q What lymph nodes are found more central to the deep group? A The supraclavicular/sentinel nodes
Q If there is an infection, which way will it spread through the lymph nodes? A it will spread down in order, from distal to proximal/central
Q If there is a cancer present, which way will it spread through the lymph nodes? A It will spread in a backwards order, from prox/central to dist
Q Which belly of the omohyoid m. divides the pos C triangle? A The inf belly
Q What are the med/sup/lat borders of the ant C triangle? A a fake line called the ant median line, the inf border of the mandible, and the ant border of the SCM
Q What is the apex of the ant C triangle? A The apex is found at the jugular notch
Q What mm. divide the ant triangle into smaller triangles? A The digastric and the omohyoid
Q What are the borders of the submandibular triangle (in the ant triangle)? A The mandible, and the two bellies of the digastric m.
Q What are the borders of the submental triangle (in ant triangle) A hyoid bone, and ant bellies of both digastric mm.
Q what are the borders of the carotid triangle (in ant triangle)? A SCM, pos digastric belly, and sup omohyoid
Q What m. splits around the digastric m. on it's way to attach to the hyoid bone? A The stylohyoid
Q What are the borders of the muscular triangle (in ant triangle) A SCM, sup omohyoid belly, and ant median line
Q What does Disraphea mean? A failure to fuse
Q What does CNVII innervate in the suprahyoid m. group?*** A pos belly of the digastric, and the geniohyoid***
Q The geniohyoid m is innervated by CNXII, via what? A C1
Q What does CNV3 innervate in the suprahyoid m. group?*** A ant belly of the digastric, and mylohyoid***
Q What is the line from the mandibular line to the hyoid body called, that is the middle of the mylohyoid m.? A raphe'
Q what does CNXII innervate in the suprhyoid m. group? What about the infrahyoid m. group? A in the supra group = geniohyoid, infra group = thyrohyoid via C1
Q What is the innervation of the digastric m.? *** A pos belly CNVII, ant belly CNV3 ***
Q The majority of the infrahyoid mm. are innervated by what n.? A ansa cervicalis = 3 out of 4
Q The omohyoid m. has two bellies (inf/sup). It attaches to the body of the hyoid bone, passes through a fibrous sling, and then where does it attach?*** A medial to the suprascapular notch of the scapula***
Q From what C levels does the ansa cervicalis originate? A C1-3
Created by: GrossAnatomy1