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100question test


Q At what vertebral level is the cricoid cartilage almost always found?*** A C6***
Q At what vert level is the jugular notch? A T3
Q what is found between the cricoid cartilage and the laryngeal prominence? A a soft spot
Q What m divides the lat neck into ant/pos triangles? A SCM
Q There are two fossae created by the heads of the SCM m.. What are these called, and where do they lie? A The greater lies laterally, and the lesser lies between the two heads. Both of these are at the clavicular end of the m.
Q Where is the hyoid bone in relation to the larynx? A superior
Q What happens to the platysma m. at the chin? A It decussates, or crosses
Q What is the innervation and blood supply to the platysma m.? A The cervical (most inf) branch of CN7/facial, and the facial artery.
Q What is the action of the platysma m.? A mainly to depress the mandible
Q What is the innervation of the SCM? A CN XI, spinal accessory. Remember, this is only motor. Also, C2-3 for pain/proprioception
Q What is the action of the SCM, according to THIS class? A singularly, it tilts the head laterally and turns the face superiorly and to the opp side. SCM's together will flex neck and thrust the chin
Q What are the ant/pos/inf borders of the pos triangle of the neck? A ant = SCM, pos = traps, inf = mid 1/3 clavicle/greater supraclavicular fossa
Q What are the mm. that form the floor of the pos triangle of the neck? A from sup to inf = splenius capitis, levator scap, pos/med/ant scalenes
Q How is the pos triangle further divided into two triangles? What are the names of these? A By the omohyoid m. which passes superficial to the floor mm. The sup triangle = occipital triangle, and the inf = suprascapular/clavicular triangle
Q What triangle is the external jugular vein found in? *** A It is actually formed in the ant triangle, but passes over the SCM into the pos triangle on its descent. IF you have to pick one, go with the POS triangle***
Q The first part of the subclavian a. ascends to the ant scalene m., then becomes the second part as it passes between the ant/mid scalene. Where is the 3rd part of the subclavian a.? A it is found along the base of the pos triangle. It extends from the lat border of the ant. scalene down to the first rib.
Q We already know that the xverse C a. supplies blood to some back mm., but what a. does this branch from, and what other branches may be found off of this same a? A The thyroid a., the xverse C, and the suprascapular aa. all branch off of the thyrocervical trunk.
Q What divides the pos triangle into carefree/carefull areas? A CNXI, spinal accessory. This exits deep to SCM, and passes laterally across pos triangle to the traps. Above is carefree, below is carefull b/c so many nn. are present.
Q The ansa cervicalis has two deep branches, called sup/inf roots. What do these roots innervate? A the ansa cervicalis gives motor to the mm. of the ant triangle of the neck.
Q Where is the "n. point" found on the neck? A mid belly of SCM, pos. aspect. This is where you will find the cervical plexus prior to arborization
Created by: GrossAnatomy1



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