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vocab 2 sentences

Stack #103815

passive She is too _____ to be a good leader.
conventional It is ______ to bring someone a gift if they invite you to dinner.
adversity The girl overcame terrible ______, including the death of her parents, in order to graduate on time.
factual The reports were _____ and accurate, so you can believe them.
stern The man's _____ face told me it wasn't a good time to joke around.
crude The drawings were _____, but they clearly depicted hunters and animals.
tangible My boss expects _____ results, either in greater sales or in lower costs.
deceive The boy's parents were not ______ by his claim that he had already brushed his teeth.
drought The ______ killed off the crops and left the soil cracked and dry.
banish The man was ______ for his crimes and so he was never able to set foot in the town again.
invulnerable Superman is ______ to everything except Kryponite.
imprecise The Body Mass Index a very _____ way to measue a person's body fat.
propel The duck's webbed feet ______ it through the water.
dominant Nike is the ______ company in athletic apparel.
pusuit The cops ran a red light because they wer in _____ of a criminal.
stealth The animal's natural _____ makes it hard to find and phoograph.
imperceptible Some of the effects that show up in lab tests are ______ to the human eye.
elude The robbers sped away, hoping to _____ the police.
massive Aircraft carriers are ______ ships capable of transporting thousands of troops and vehicles.
novice He is a ______ basketball player, so you probably don't want him on your team.
boast The nerd _____ to the class about his perfect SAT scores.
recall The company had to _____ the defective cars.
eradicate We called in exterminators to ______ the roaches in our basement.
sedative Once the _____ took effect, the man drifted off to sleep.
genuine The art expert verified that the painting was a _____ Monet, not a fake.
Created by: ebihara1
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