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Ancient Greece 3

Ancient Greece.

What were the Greeks first to do in the Mediteranean? Make sea-going voyages
How many islands are in Greece? 2,000
Why is Greece's location important? They are located among Africa,Europe, and Asia and can trade easily.
How do we know about the past before people could write? Objects
When did the Golden Age of Athens begin? 500 bc
When did the citizens of Athens vote for the first time and who voted? 510 bc. Male citizens
What other civilization influences Greek art? Egypt
What did the Greeks invent? Comedy& tradgedy
Who was Pericles? The leader of Athens
Who was the most important goddess in Ancient Athens? Athena (duh)
How do the Ancient Greeks affect us today? They have influenced many of our ways of life: the Olympics,Democracy, medicine.
What is Democracy? A form of government developed in Athens in which all citizens have a say.
what is Sparta? A city-state known for the roughness of its citizens, where boys were taken from their families at the age of seven to start training as soldiers.
What is Athens? A city-state that valued the arts and sciences that produced many poets, playwrights, and philosophers.
What was Marathon? The site of a battle between the Greeks and the Persians, after which a messenger ran about 25 miles to bring Athens the news of the victory.
Ancient Greece developed on a rocky _____ peninsula
Ancient Greece was in Southern Europe and it jutted into the ______ sea. Medditeranean
Ancient Greece was made up of a number of independent _____ City-states
All Greeks believed in the same ____, or gods and goddesses. deities
The idea of _____ developed in Greece. democracy
The _____, which are held every four years began here. Olympics
Our system uses an _____ similar to Greece's Alphabet
Created by: Quizkid25