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Centrifugal and Centripetal forces caused by the EU

How does a common market unite Europe? *More choice in what to buy *No taxes, making goods less expensive *Traveling to other countries is Easier
How does the creation of a trading bloc unite Europe? Because of the many countries involved in the trading bloc, nations outside the EU are eager to do buisness.
How do the differences between Western and Eastern nations divide the EU? *Workers in Western Nations worry about losing jobs to workers in Eastern Nations, who are willing to work for less money. *Wealthier Countries think too much money is being spent in Central and Eastern Countries.
What divisions are created by the euro? *Not all countries adopted the euro. *Some countries aren't allowed to adopt the euro due to poor economies
How has the European Union united Europe by promoting a Common Culture? *Common Cultural Symbols -Flag -Anthem: Ode to Joy -Europe Day, May 9th -Motto: "United in Diversity"
Why do languages divide the EU? *Difficult for Communication *Creates extra work for EU government
What are some other forces dividing the EU? *Cultural Traditions could be threatening. *If a country doesn't agree with a policy, they have to go with it anyways.
How does the development of a Supranational level of government unite Europe? *EU works on issues that all Europeans share *EU provides a stronger voice on World Affairs
How does the development of a European Citizenship unite Europe? *EU citizenship allows members to work and live in any nation *EU citizenship allows members to vote in all EU elections.
How does the desire of European independence divide Europe? *Some EU countries want to make their own decisions in certain areas, like armies. *EU countries must carry out decisions made by the EU, even if they don't agree
How can the expansion of EU membership cause division? Cooperation becomes more difficult with more countries and cultures.
Where is the EU headquarters? Brussels, Belgium.
centrifugal force a force that divides nations and people
centripetal force a force that unites people and nations
common market a group of countries that acts as a single market, without trade barriers in between
tariffs taxes on goods
supranational cooperation a form of international cooperation in which countries give up some control of their affairs as they work together to achieve shared goals.
Created by: abbi_foggy