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PCSOM Terms 4

Med Term Block Four

Med TermMeaning
peri- around; surrounding
poly- many
post- after
pre- before
pro- first; promoting
quadr- four
re- back again
retro- behind
semi- half
sub- under
super- over, above, excessive
supra- over, above, excessive
trans- across; through
tri- three; triple
-plasia growth, formation
-plasm substance, matter
-plasty shape, make
-plegia paralysis
-pnea breath, breathing
-(r)rhage breaking out, discharge
-(r)rhagia breaking out, discharge
-(r)rhapy sew, suture
-(r)rhea flow
-some body
-tensin pressure
-tension pressure
-tonic presure, tension
-tripsy crushing
-ule small, little
-uria refers to urine condition
pneumon- lung
pod- foot
poie- make; produce
presby- old
proct- rectum
pseud- false
psych- mind
pyel- pelvis
ren- kidney
rhino- nose
rigor- stiffness
sarco- flesh; muscle
scler- hard
semen- seed, sperm
semin- seed, sperm
sept- contamination
sin- cavity; recess
son- sound
spiro- breathe
spire- breathe
stat- a standing, stopping
stas- a standing, stopping
syn- together
systol- contract; stand together
tachy- fast
therm- heat
thromb- clot
tox- poison
troph- grow, nourish
tympan- drum
varic- enlarged vessel
vas- vessel, duct
vesic- bladder, blister
Created by: spurrp