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SAT Prep Cards

Common vocabulary that is used in SAT questions

Cogent convincing or reasonable
Assertion a declaration or statement
Cohesive quality of sticking together
Didactic intending to teach something
Discourse verbal expression or exchange; conversation
Eloquence the ability to speak vividly or persuasively
Implication the act of suggestion or hinting
Lucid easily understood or clear
Pundit an authority who expresses opinions
Rhetoric the art of using language effectively and persuasively
Arbiter a judge who decides the outcome of something in dispute
Biased prejudiced
Exculpate to free from guilt or blame
Incontrovertible definite and not open to question
Integrity trustworthiness
Jurisprudence the philosophy or science of law
Penitent expressing remorse
Plausible seemingly valid or acceptable; credible
Substantiated supported with proof or evidence
Vindicated freed from blame
Condescending treating others as inferior
Contemptuous Contemptuous
Despotic tyrannical, exercising absolute power
Dictatorial domineering and overbearing to an oppressive degree
Disdain contempt or scorn
Haughty arrogant
Imperious arrogantly overbearing
Patronizing treating in a condescending way
Convoluted intricate or complex
Cryptic hard to comprehend
Futile pointless
Impede slow the progress of
Obscure relatively unknown * or to conceal or make indistinct
Quandary state of uncertainty or perplexity
Dilatory habitually late
Indolent lazy
Insipid uninteresting or unchallenging
Listless lacking energy
Torpor laziness inactivity, dullness
Embellish to decorate
Florid describing flowery or elaborate speech
Opulent exhibiting a display of great wealth
Ornate elaborately decorated
Ostentatious describing a showy or pretentious display
Poignant profoundly moving or touching
Ample describing a large amount of something
Comprehensive large in scope or content
Copious plentiful; having a large quantity
Ebullience intense enthusiasm
Effusive emotionally unrestrained; gushing
Egregious conspicuously bad
Flagrant extremely or deliberately shocking or noticeable
Frenetic wildly excited or active
Gratuitous given freely, unearned, or unwarranted
Permeate to flow or spread throughout something
Pervasive dispersed throughout
Prodigious enormous
Replete abundantly supplied; filled to capacity
Superfluous extra; unnecessary
Alleviate to ease a pain or burden
Asylum a place of retreat or safety
Auspicious favorable or promising
Benevolent well-meaning or generous
Benign kind and gentle
Emollient softening or soothing * something that softens or soothes
Mollify to calm or soothe
Reclamation act of making something useful again
Sanction to authorize or approve
Astute shrewd, clever
Camouflage to hide by blending in the surroundings
Clandestine secretive
Coup brilliantly executed plan
Disingenuous not straightforward; crafty
Dubious doubtful or unlikely true
Fabricated made, especially to deceive
Hypocrisy pretending to be something one isn’t; insincerity
Ruse a crafty trick
Slander false charges and malicious oral statements about someone
Spurious fake
Stratagem a clever trick to outwit
Surreptitiously done secretively
Way on guard; watchful
Willy cunning
Assiduous hard-working
Compelling forceful; urgently demanding attention
Diligent hard-working; exhibiting painstaking effort
Dogged stubbornly persisting
Endure to put up with or survive something
Intrepid courageous; fearless
Maverick a person who is independent and resists adherence to a group
Obdurate stubborn or inflexible
Obstinate stubbornly adhering to an opinion or course of action
Proliferate to grow or increase rapidly
Tenacity perseverance
Vitality energy; power to survive
Disparity inequality or difference
Servile submissive; like a servant
Suppressed subdued or kept from being circulated
Inconsequential unimportant
Superficial conferenced only with what is on the surface or obvious; shallow
Tenuous having little substance or strength; shaky; unsure; weak
Trivial of little importance or significance
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