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Richelieu’s successor as chief minister for the next child-king, Louis XIV. continued Richelieu’s centralizing policies. His struggle to increase royal revenues to meet the costs of war led to the uprisings of 1648-1653. cardinal mazarin
Was a puritan ruler of militaristic england. He restricted the rights of catholics,divided englands lands,increased parliament's power, allowed jews back in england, and expanded the military and navy. Oliver Cromwell
A catholic who gave adolphus money so he could help prevent the hapsburg family from ruling germany. cardinal richelieu
The peace that ended the spanish succession. philip was to remain king of spain, as long as the french and spanish crowns were never to be united.france lost much of it terriory to england in the treaty. Treaty of utrecht
Local french poor who rose up in opposition to cardinal Mazarin. they greatly disliked nobles and the centralizing policies of the french government le fronde
law that said that parliament had to meet every three years minimum, first enacted under charles I. triennial act
Charles II and parliament were brought back into power. it didnt solve the problems of religious unrest and distribution of power between king and parliament. Restoration of 1660
Louis XIV's financial administer. he attempted to make france's economy more centralized by supporting local businees and industries and increasing the tariff. Colbert
Was a civil war in England that ended in the replacement of james II with william III and mary II. The monarch no longer relied completely on absolutism based in religion, but parliament as well. Glorious Revolution
a law passed by oliver cromwell detailing that english goods must be transported by english ships alone, initiating a short and successful war with the dutch. navigation Act
in government a person or group of people to act as head of state Regents
a tax levied by charles i that first originated in the medieval times. it was charged to coastal towns for defense in the beginning, but the monarch expanded it to inland cities. Ship money
protestant ruler of swedan. during the 30 years war be was assjsted by cardinal richelieu monetarily and fatally wounded in combat. Gustavus adolphus
the ruler of the ottoman empire. he maintained control of all agriculture and the military. sultan
A form of government in which there is no monarch and power rests in the hands of the people through elected representatives. republicanism
was the executive officer for the Netherlands who was in charge of the military and also ceremonies. He was usually the Prince of Orange. stadtholder
“A system of economic regulations aimed at increasing the power of the state based on the belief that a nation’s international power was based on its wealth, specifically its supply of gold and silver This policy was implemented by many European countries Mercantilism
supported parliament whigs/torres
was a major port and commercial city in France with strong ties to Protestant Holland and England. Richelieu was trying to suppress Protestantism and took over the city. Its municipal government was suppressed, the Catholic liturgy was restored. The fall La rochelle
King of England. Didn’t want parliament, civil wars began and he lost. Executed by Cromwell who then created protectorate. charles I
(To his great grandson) “You will be King of a great kingdom. I urge you never to forget your obligations to God; remember that you owe Him everything. Try to remain at peace with your neighbors. I have loved war too much. Do not copy me in that, or in my louis XIV last words
had a 21 year trade with Asia monopoly to the Netherlands Dutch east india company
dutch monopoly trade to the new world Dutch west india company
was the first advisor to a child king cardinal richelieu
possible unification of france and spain under bourbon monarch spanish succesion
How is the Palace of Versailles an example of absolutism? It became the center of political, social, and cultural life. the rich and the nobles lived here. It was the center for government and set a standard for other absolute monarchs
List the 4 Stuart Kings and their years. (4 Points) James I: 1603-1624 -Charles I: 1625-1649 -Charles II: 1660-1685 -James II: 1685-1688
Explain the financial policies of France by discussing Colbert. (3 Points) -Make Claims in North America, especially Canada, for their resource -Raised Tariffs on foreign goods to encourage the French to buy only local product -Encourage Immigration of craftsmen to France due to higher quality standards
Explain French Baroque Art (3 Points) -Sharp lines and angles -Voluptuous lines and colors -rational control, proportion
Defend the following statement: Peter the Great was The Westernizer of Russia. (4 Points) -Reorganized Russian army -Gaining maritime outlets -Visiting other countries -Required Nobles to get rid of their beards, attend parties, and adopt Western customs that were unheard of in Russia
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