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Chapter 188

AP Euro

The Wealth Of nations Written by scottish Philosopher adam smith, It condemned guilds and supported free competition. the government should be allowed to intevene to provide defense,maitain order and provide public institutions.
Creoles Spanish ancestry born in americas
Cottage industry system where peasants worked in homes and produced goods on a large scale for the market
John kay Inventor of the flying shuttle. this was a new invention that helped create textiles much faster
Mestizos people of mized spanish and native american descent
Debt peonage Landlords began to restrict peasants by saying that they were indebted to them, and should have to work on their lang. This reinforced sefdom, also called debt bondage.
Industrious revolution The change in society where families in northwestern europe began to focus on earning an income instead of producing goods for the home this causes cities to greatly expand instead of providing for families people focused on mass production and the market
Guilds groups protected by the crown that held the onopoly over their trade, these were exclusive institutions, who were very specific on who they accepted. Women and nonreligious were often excluded.each member learned to master the trade they were involved in
navigation acts instituted by oliver cromwell, these laws ssaid that only british ships could carry british goods. this put a mnopoly over products from bitain, and increased the nation's power in the colonies.
jethro tull inventor of theseed drill, helped speed up and make planting more effective, quicker, and easier. it helped revolutionize the way of planting.
Saint-domingue a colony of france (haiti) that was ppular because it produced sugar, tea, slaves,and coffee, which were considered luxary goods.
the netherlands The people of the netherlands were great innovators in the area of trade and crops. since they're near, water they could trade easily. they had holdings in the new world that were very profitable.using technigues like crop rotation and land reviing crops
Famine not enough food for everyone. caused high death rates and low populations in europe
proletarianization transformation of large numbers of small peasant farmers into landless wage earners.
fallow land plowed and left unseeded for a season or more; uncltivated land; not in use.
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