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HIP list Set 1

First 5 Hard, 15 Medium, 15 easy

Abase To lower rank, prestige or esteem
Abscond to depart secretly; flee or hide
Absolve to free form blame; forgive
Abstuse Difficult to comprehend;obscure; profound
Accolade praise; distinction
Abash to embarras
Abate to lessen; decrease' subside
Aberration something different from ususal
Abhor to hate; despise; loathe
Abstemious Moderate or sparing in appetite
Abysmal extremley bad
Acclivity upward slope
Accomplice Partner in crime
Accord agreement; harmony
Accost to approach & speak to someone
Acme Highest point
acquiesce to agree; consent, comply with resistance
Acquittal release from blame
Abolish to do away with; to put an end to
Abrassive harsh; causing wear
Abridge to comndense; shorten
Absolute total; complete
Absurd ridicuiously, illogical or unreasonable
Abut to touch
Accentuate to emphasize; stress
Accessible easy to appraoch; obtainable
Acclaim to meet; to proclaim
Accomodate to be generous
Acquire to come into possesion or ownership of
Acute Sharpen or extremley serious
Adage Common expression; tradtional expression
Created by: l0stinhollywood