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Cells cells cells

receptors binding sites for chemical messages, allows cells to maintain/receive messages. neurotransmitters, hormones.
proteins different cells = different proteins; such as, receptors, pores/channels, and carriers
cholestrol fluid between some of the fatty acids, makes it flexible (membrane)
phospholipid bilayer structure of membrane. phosphate and fatty acids.
cell membrane barrier between fluid inside the cell and fluid outside
composite cell not a real cell, does not exist, cell that contains all the parts of what is in the cell. used for teaching.
Cell Basic unit of structure and function found in all living things
pores/channels passageways across the membrane, very specific. controlled
carriers moves things too big for channels into the cell. changes shape to carry it across.
permeable it can go through the barrier
impermeable needs carrier, channel/pore to help it through the membrane
semipermeable (selectively permeable) it can choose what it wants to allow in or not. controlled.
cytoplasm liquid between cell membrane and organelle (cell fluid)
organelle little organs, all the structures found inside the cell
ribosomes smallest organelle in the cell (dots), makes protein
endoplasmic reticulum rough, smooth, group of connected passageways/tubes used to move things through the cell
Golgi apparatus looks like a stack of pancakes, found near nucleus. packages and ships things out of membrane.
mitochondria looks like kidney beans, burn glucose, cellular respiration.
lysosomes break down things the cell does not need. little bubbles of enzymes.
centrioles found near nucleus, in cells that are able to divide. helps to separate genes during mitosis.
cilium(a) move something outside the cell in a certain direction. ability to move.
flagellum(a) to move the cell, ability to move.
nucleus largest organelle you can see in a cell, lots of pores. can control which genes are being used, how often and when.
nucleolus darker area in nucleus, to make ribosomes
chromatin fine thread of DNA found in nucleus that are not divided, all cell to use genes
chromosomes 23 pairs, bundled DNA found when cell is divided. moving packages, allowing us to sort DNA.
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