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Mack Gov Ch 5 Review

The United States Congress has two houses. what kind of legislature does that make it? bicameral legislature
what do you call a legislature with one house? unicameral legislature
What are the qualifications for a U.S. Representative? 25 years old, citizen for 7 years, legal resident of state
What are the qualifications for a U.S. Senator? 30 years old, citizen for 9 years, legal resident of state
Who is the most powerful member of the House of Representatives? Speaker of the House
Who is the most powerful member of the Senate? Senate Majority Leader
How is the majority leader in the House and the majority leader in the Senate decided? By the majority party
How is the minority leader in both houses decided? By the minority party
How is the Speaker of the House decided? By the majority party
Who serves as the President of the Senate? Vice President
Who takes the place of the President of the Senate in his absence? Senate President Pro Tempore
What does it mean when we say that Senators are voted for at-large? It is a statewide vote.
How does a State decide its Representatives? Each State district votes for its own Representative
What are you doing when you change voting boundaries to gain an election advantage? gerrymandering
How do we decide how many representatives each state has? By national census
When the number of Representatives each state should have changes and districts are redrawn its called _______ and _________. reapportionment and redistricting
What court case established the principle of "one-person, one-vote"? Wesberry v. Sanders
What prohibits Congress from colling pay raises just created until after the next election? 27th Amendment
What can Congresspersons be censured for? offenses such as impropriety, harrassment, and official acts of misreporting, etc.
What can Congresspersons be expelled for? treason and bribery
Where does much of the work of Congress get done? Committees
Who is the traffic cop of the House? House Rules Committee
HOw does a bill reach the Senate floor? unanimous consent
What was created to settle a conflict over how big and small states would be represented in Congress? a bicameral legislature
How many senators does each State get? 2 (equal representation)
How many representatives does each State get? It is based on population.
How long is a session of Congress? one year or less
How long is a term of Congress? two years between Federal elections
How often are elections held for Representatives? every 2 years
How often are elections held for a given Senator? every 6 years
What do we call the practice of spreading elections of Senators out so that only about 1/3 are up for election every 2 years? staggered elections
How many Senators are there? 100
How many Representatives are there? 435
What is the most common profession for Senators? lawyers
From what social class do most Representatives come from? upper middle class
When Congress members vote according to what they think is best for everyone that are acting as this. a trustee
When Congress members vote according to what the voters want they are acting as this. a delegate
Congress members have this privilege granted in Article I, Section 6. Cannot be sued for public speeches (speeches in the Capitol)
How often does the national census require reapportionment? every 10 years
Created by: Mr McNair
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