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somites and segmenta

what does mesoderm develop into? muscle, connective tissue, cartilage and bone, blood and blood vessel, kidney, spleen, gonad, suprarenal cortex
where is mesoderm develop from? Primitive streak
list 3 region of mesoderm At day 17, the mesoderm is develop into 1) paraxial mesoderm 2) intermediate mesoderm 3) Lateral mesoderm
Paraxial Mesoderm it thicken near midline, on each side of notochord and neural plate
Lateral mesoderm it remains as think plate at the lateral edge of each side of germ disc -develop into coelom
Intermediate mesoder It develops into the component of urinary system
What is paraxial mesoderm develop into? Somitomere
Somitomere differential into two part, which two 1) The anterior region form beside a neural plate, neuromere, contirbute to Head Mesenchyme 2) the medial and posterior region ==> somites
Somites -develope from medial and posterior region of somitomere -first develop in Occipital region, proceed in posterior direction -3 somites pair per day -42-44 pair (4 occipital, 7 cervial, 12 thoracic, 5 saccral and 8-10 occygeal) -they form skeleton
Which few pair of somites will disappear and does not contribute to skeleton? first occipital and last 5-7 coccygeal
What does somites pairs contribute to? Skeleton
Which region of somitomere develope into Head mesenchyme anterior region which form around a neural plate segment (Neuromere)
Which region of somitomere contribute to skeleton The medial and posterior which differentiate into Somites
Which 3 layers does somites differentiate into at week 4? - Sclerotome - myotome - dermotome
Sclerotome -develope from ventral and medial wall of somites which lost cohesion -they are the mesenchymal cell that surround notochard -produce vertebrae by differentiate into bone and cartilage
which part of somites does dermotome and myotome develop from? Dermonyotome (the remaining dorsal wall of somites
what part of body segment does sclerotome, dermotome and myotome contribute to? -Sclerotome: cartilage and bone of vertebrae -Dermotome: the underlying dermis of skin -Myotome: the muscle attach tot each vertebrae and limb
Created by: powerbaby