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#10 terms Good House

set 10 terms cooking

kabob Cubes of meat or poultry and vegetables threaded on a skewer and grilled, also any food that is threaded on a skewer.
knead To work a food mixture, usually dough, with a press fold motion.
kosher Ritually fit for eating in accordance with Jewish law.
lard The white fat of pork, rendered and sold in solid form, used in piecrusts, biscuits, other baked foods and for frying.
luckwarm At a temperature of about 95 degrees F. Food feels neither warm nor cold when in contact with inside of the wrist.
maple sugar Made from the evaporation of maple sap. It is usually pressed into fancy shapes to serve as a confection.
maple syrup The pure variety comes from the evaporation of the sap of maple trees. Maple flavor syrup is made from a blend of refined, corn and maple-sugar syrups.
marbled erm used to describe meat with visible fat running through the lean.
marinade A highly seasoned liquid, in which food is soaked to enhance flavor.
marinate To soak in a marinade.
Created by: wedigm