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#9 terms Good Housek

set 9 terms quiz cooking

gratin A French term defining a brown crust formed by baking or broiling bread crumbs, cheese, butter or a mixture on top of a casserole or other dish.
grease To rub surface of dish or pan with fat to keep food from sticking
grill To cook food on a rack by direct heat: also the appliance or utensil used for this type of cooking
grind To reduce to particles in food grinder, blender or food processor.
gumbo A thick, southern-style soup or stew made with meat, poultry, fish, shellfish or vegetables.
Hibashi A small, portable charcoal grill.
hoisin sauce A thick sauce made of soy beans and seasonings used in Chinese cooking.
homogenized With fat broken down into such small particles that it stays suspended in liquid, rather than rising to the top.
honey Sometimes sold in the comb, but usually as the extracted liquid and in solid and granular forms.
hors d'oeuvers Savory foods used as appetizers.
Created by: wedigm