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#8 terms Good Housek

Set 8 terms quiz cooking

fricassee A stew made of chicken or veal cut into pieces and cooked in a gravy
fritter A small quantity of a batter mixture, sometimes containing meat, vegetables or fruit, fried in deep fat until crisp.
fruit pectin A natural substance found in many fruits, also available in a liquid of powdered forms. When pectin is used in the right proportion with sugar and acid liquid, it forms a jell or jelly..
fry To cook food over high heat in a small amount of fat.
garnish To add decorative touch to foods, as with parsley, croutons or prepared vegetables.
gazpacho A cold Spanish soup made with tomatoes and other fresh vegetables.
galatin Available as unflavored and fruit flavored.
glace Glazed, as with a frosting or frozen
glaze . To coat with a glossy mixture. 2. Concentrated stock used to add flavor.
grate To rub food on a grater or chip in a blender or food processor to produce fine, medium or coarse particles.
Created by: wedigm