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#7 terms Good Housek

Set 7 terms cooking quiz

entree The main dish of the meal.
escargot An edible snail, usually a land snail imported from France and served in the shell.
filet or fillet A piece of meat, fish or poultry which is boneless or has had all bones removed.
fine herbs A mixture of herbs used for seasoning. Traditionally includes parsley, chervil, chives and tarragon, though other herbs may also be used
flame To ignite warmed alcoholic beverage poured over food. Also know as blambe
flour To coat lightly with flour.
flute To make decorative indentations.
fold in To combine delicate ingredients such as whipped cream or beaten egg whites with other foods by using a gentle, circular motion to cut down into the mixture, slide across the bottom of the bowl to bring some of the mixture up and over the surface.
fondue Most often a dish of hot melted cheese and wine, into which bread is dipped and then eaten. For meat fondues, at the table, cubes of meat are dipped in hot fat to cook, then into cook, then into a choice of sauces. Dessert fondues include chocolate or
fortifide Supplied with more vitamins and minerals than were present in a natural state.
Created by: wedigm