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#4 terms Good Housek

set 4 cooking terms

carve To cut meat or poultry in slices for pieces for serving.
chill To refrigerate food or let it stand in ice or iced water until cold.
chop To cut food into small pieces with a knife, blender or food processor.
chutney A highly seasoned relish of fruits, herbs and spices.
coat To sprinkle food with or dip it into flour, sauce, etc. until covered.
compote 1. A dessert of fresh or dried fruits cooked in syrup. 2. A deep bowl often stemmed from which such desserts and other foods are usually served
condiment Sauces and relishes to add to food at the table, such as catsup or prepared mustard.
cool To refrigerate food, or let it stand at room temperature, until no longer warm to the touch
corn syrup Available as light and dark. Both can used to glaze meats and vegetables and as ingredients in marinades, candies and desserts.
cream To make soft, smooth and creamy by beating with spoon or mixer (usually applied to blending sugar and a fat).
Created by: wedigm