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pharm test 2

most effective antiasthmatic drug available glucocoricoids
what suppress the inflammation by decreasin synthesis and release of inflammatory mediators, decreases inflitration and activity of inflam cells, decreases edema of the airway mucosa glucocorticoids
what is used for phrophylaxis of chronic asthma its a fixed schedule, not PRN glucocorticoids
what is the first line therapy of glucocorticoids inhaled, its safe
what is the most common side effect of inhaled glucorticoids oropharyngeal candidasis and dysphonia
with L-T highe doeses of glucocorticoids you may hae some adrenal suppression
maximum improvement of glucocorticoids may take up to 4 weeks
what's prolonged therapy can cause adrenal suppression, osteoporosis hyperglycemia pud growth suppression in children glucocorticoids
initially very large doses of glucocorticoids can be given for how long to bring a sever attack under control when IV aminophylline and sympathomimetics have proven inadequate as long as 5 days
avoid giving steroids when on an empty stomach
what also decreases airway mucus production and increases the number of bronchial eta2 receptoras as well as their responsiveness to beta 2 agonist glucocorticoids
oral glucocorticoids are given for thos with severe asthma not controlled with bronchodilator therapy, high risk of toxicity, tx as brief as possible will not cause significant adverse effects
gargle and spit after each dose of inhaled flucocorticoids
how are glucocorticoids administered inhalation PO or IV
what do you want to check when given glucorticoids blood sugar due to hyperglycemia
Created by: terrileigh
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