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Endocrine & Senses

MT, Corbitt

What are hormones? Regulatory substances that are sent, via bloodstream, to alter physiological activity
What is target tissue? Where to hormones are sent
Do we have large amounts of hormones in our body? No
Are hormones weak? No
Most of our hormones work with which feedback system? The negative feedback system. EX. Thirsty? Drink, your not thirsty anymore
What are the 2 other names for the pituitary gland? Hypothysis, Master gland
What 2 hormones are secreted posterior pituitary gland? Oxytocin (positive feedback), ADH=Antidiuretic Hormone
Where is the thyroid located? Base of the throat
What are the 2 main hormones of the thyroid gland? Thyroxine (T4), Triiodothyronine (T3)
Where are the parathyroid glands located? On the back of the thyroid gland
Where are the adrenal glands located? On top of the kidneys
The endocrine portions of the pancreas are known as? islets of langerhans
How does insulin affect blood sugar? It decreases it
How does glucagon affect blood sugar? It increases it
The pineal gland located in the? Brain
What does the thymus stimulated? the immune systems T lymphocytes
Endocrin/o Endocrine
Insul/o pancreatic islets
Myxedema hyposecretion, dry skin and hair, facial swelling, weight gain
Graves disease hypersecetion, weight loss, irritability, increase heart rate
Exophthalmos bulging of the eyeballs
A goiter is usually due to a deficiency of Iodine
If your patient has Addison's disease, there skin will look bronze
Hyperglycemia blood sugar is to high
Hypoglycemia blood sugar to low
IDDM = Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
NIDDM non insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus
FBS fasting blood sugar
GTT glucose tolerance test
PPBS Postprandial blood sugar
GH growth hormone
Equilibrium mental or emotional balance
Gustation sense of taste
Hearing the sense in which sound is perceived
Olfaction sense of smell
Proprioception muscle sense
Receptor sensory nerve ending that responds to stimuli
The Pineal gland secretes what hormone melatonin
What does melatonin effect circadian rhythm
Tactile sense of touch
Vision act of seeing
-esthesia sensation
-algesia pain
-osmia smell
-guesia taste
The ear contains receptors for hearing and equilibrium
The normal blood sugar range is 70-110 mg/dl
What causes diabetes insipidus A lack of ADH (anti-diuretic hormone)
Define Myxedema; what are s/s hypo-secretion; dry skin and hair, facial swelling, weight gain
Define Graves hyper-secretion; weight loss, irritability, increase heart rate
Goiter is usually due to a lack of iodine
Iodine is necessary for the production of thyroxine
List s/s of hypoparathyroidism numbness of arms, legs and around the tetany
Define tetany muscle spasm; due to a decease in calcium
Define exophthalmos bulging of the eyeballs
If your patient has Addison's disease their skin will look bronze
What are s/s of Cushing's disease buffalo hump,increased facial hair and receding hair line
The external auditory canal meatus ends at the? tympanic membrace which is also called the eardrum
Define ceruminous glands. external ear canal; produces cerumen (ear wax)
What is the purpose of cerumen? keeps eardrum moist, helps prevent infection, protects ear
Where is the Eustachian tube located? and what is its function connects the middle ear with the pharynx; equalizes pressure between the inner/outer ear
why is the inner ear known as the labyrinth? refers to the twisting maze of the inner ear
The organ of hearing is known as the Organ of Corti
Where is the Organ or Corti located in the cochlea
List the ossicles Malleus (hammer), Incus(anvil), Stapes(stirup)
Audi/o= hearing
Acous= sound or hearing
Ot/o= ear
Myring/o= tympanic membrane
Salping/o= tube
Conductive hearing loss problems in the middle or outer ears that prevent sound from getting into the inner ear the normal way
Sensorineural hearing loss damage to the inner ear or the 8th cranial nerve
Tinnitus ringing or buzzing in the ears
Vertigo illusion of movement
Aural relating to or perceived by the ear
Decibel intensity
Hertz frequency
Presbycusis old hearing
Otoscope used to view the ear canal and ear drum
Spondee 2 syllable word w/ equal stress on each syllable
AC= air conduction
AD= right ear
AS= left ears
AU= both ears
ENT= ear, nose, throat
TM= tympanic membrane
Lacrimal pertaining to tears
Conjunctiva lines the inside of the eyelid and covers the sclera
Sclera whit of the eye
Cornea Avascular; clear
Iris behind cornea; gives eye color
Lacrimal pertaining to tears
Conjunctiva lines the inside of the eyelid and covers the sclera
Rods respond to light
Cones respond to color
Fovea point of greatest visual acuity
Visual acuity sharpness of vision
Blephar/o eyelid
Palpebr/o eyelid
Opt/o Ocul/o Ophthalm/o Eye
Kerat/o cornea
Phak/o lens
-opsia vision
-opia condition of the eye
The outer ear consists of? Pinna and the external auditory canal
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