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Paul Revere

Money people pay to a government in return for services or goods Taxes
Sudden, complete change in government Revolution
Freedom from control of another Liberty
To refuse to buy or use a product to make a point is also know as Boycott
An event where people speak out about an issue Protest
A town or settlement ruled by another country Colony
A person who makes objects out of silver Silversmith
Working hard for a long time Diligence
People who work as soldiers as needed Militia
A place along the coast where ships can safely anchor or dock Harbor
A person who lives in a colony Colonists
Paul Revere changed his last name because he wanted to make his name more USA
Paul Revere was famous for telling the colonists that that British were coming
A holiday named in honor of Paul Revere Patriot's Day
The war which took place during Paul Revere's time Revolutionary War
Where the colonist rebeled and threw tea into the water Boston
Wrote a famous poem about Paul Revere Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Paul Revere's company made this during the war Money
Number of colonies 13
After the 13 colonies gained their independence, the new country which was formed was called United States of America (USA)
First battle of the war was at Lexington
The patriots used this in the Old North Church to signal each other Tower
Paul Revere wanted________ from the British Independence
The Sons of Liberty believed that the colonists should be free from________ rule. British
The name of Paul Revere's company Revere and Sons
The British government put this on goods to raise money Taxes
The house where Paul Revere lived is now a Museum
Why did Paul Revere make his famous ride so he could warn the Patriots
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