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Thomas-Chapter 4

The Growing Power of Western Europe-brittany,essence,madison,ben

Wanted to ban Catholics from being in the government or being king Parliament
King of England. Didnt's have any kids so his Catholic brother James II became king after him Charles II
Contreversial Catholic King of England. James II
Catholic king of France. Wanted James II to stay as the king of England Louis XIV
James II's protestant daughter. Became queen. Mary
Married Mary and became king after James II. William III of Orange
Renewed legislation act against dissenters. Allowed Catholics to serve in government or i the army or navy. The Test Act
Were exclusionists. Most suspicious of the king, Catholics, and French Whigs
Party of less aristocracy and gentry. Suspicious of the "money interest" in London. Loyal to the church and king Tories
the events of 1688 came to be known as the... Glorious Revolution
Was the weak spot in the French monarchy. Finance
were part of catholicism that Louis XIV didnt like. Jansenists
Was a society in which groups of many kinds could identify their own special interests with those of the "absolute" monarchy Old Regime
was Louis XIV's great minister Colbert
Why did Louis XIV's people turn against him? the strain of his incessant war
What was an accomplishment of Louis XIV? He ended civil war and advanced the cause of civil equality.
Improved communications by building roads and canals, he helped to find colonies, built up the navy, and establsihed the French East India Company. Colbert's Commercial Code
Wanted control of the whole army, and every person in France. Louis XIV
When was the Edict Of Nantes revoked? 1685
What was a main problem during the triumph of Absolutism? Peasants were heavily taxed, while the rich didn't get taxed as much.
absolute monarch of France "sun king" Louis XIV
palace built for Louis XIV Versailles
produced a notable school of painters Nicholas Poussin & Claude Lorrain
wrote austere tragedies Corneille & Racine
comedies Moliere
fables La Fontaine
Mathematician & Scientific thinker Descartes
where nobles & artists met, foreigners were welcomed. spread of ideas salons
courts of law parlements
fench civil war. parlements wanted power The Fronde
quote by Louis XIV meaning he was "the state" & had power over everything "L'etat, C'est moi"
In the 1600s only four or five million people in England and Lowland Scotland spoke this language English
Settled Jamestown in 1607 Members of the Church of England
Hamlet, Macbeth and King Lear William Shakespeare
Woolens Main export in England
Divine right of kings James I, declared that kings drew their authority from God and were responsible to God alone.
James VI of Scotland Mary Stuart's son, and a descendant of Henry VII inherited the crown of England .
Two houses of Parliament House of Lords and House of Commons
Ship- Money dispute Charles I wanted to have the whole counrty pay for the navy, not just the coastal towns.
Thomas Fairfax Commander of the New Model Army
King Charles codemned for treason and set to death on the scaffold in 1649.
Pride's Purge Cromwell left Parliament with 50-60 members. 500 members in 1640, 150 members in 1649.
Founded Quakers George Fox
Bank of Amsterdam Dutch founded and regulated money. Also, depositors where allowed to draw checks against there accounts.
Stadholder Elected military leader of the "state."
William of Orange (William III) later became the King of England
Christian Huygens Worked mainly in physics & math & also improved the telescope
Baroque Artistic style that deals with lighting, interior spaces, and colors.
New York After the series of wars between the Dutch and English, the English annexed New Amsterdam and renamed it New York.
The Geographer Painted by Jan Vermeer. Shows the impact on Europe of the opening of the Atlantic.
Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window Painted by Jan Vermeer.
Religious Toleration The Jews were actually tolerated and so were the Arminians
Anna Maria van Schurman Wrote "The Learned Maid or Whether a Maid May Be Called a Scholar" which developed an argument for education of women.
Created by: essencebrowne