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Thomas-Ch. 5 Review

Stanley, Ferg, Sarah, and Jill who did everything

Austria Discovered during the 30 year war
Austrian Habsburgs Ruled Holy Roman Empire
Hereditary Provinces Upper and Lower Austria, Tyrol, Styria, Carinthia, and Carniola
Kingdom of Bohemia Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia
Kingdom of Hungry Hungry, Transylvania, and Croatia
Hungarian Plain Area of War for Vienna and Constantinople
Louis XIV Stood to profit greatly from the War, so he told the Turks to fight
Turkish army Christians,Romanians, Hungarians
Anti-Turkish armies Poles, Austtrian dynastic troops, and Germans
Prince Eugene of Savoy Not actually Austrian, founder of modern Austrian state.Drove the Turks out of Hungry.
1848 Habsburgs Finally started to pay attention to peasants
1740 Habsburgs Were being compared to old Habsburgs and looked down upon
Charles VI (1711-1740) helped carry on the Austrian Monarchy by putting his daughter in charge
Maria Theresa Took over Austrian Monarchy
Pragmatic Sanction Not the norm, but is needed for special circumstances
The New Powers Modern Austrian Monarchy, Prussia, Russian Empire,
Modern Russia Moscovy
Main Religion Greek Orthodox branch of Christianity
Main Point of Westernization Obtain scientific, technical, and military knowledge
Area of Civilization Moscow north to northern forest and south near Volga
Russian Land Mass 5000 sq. miles above China
The First grand Duke to obtain tsar statues Ivan the Terribla
The only trade between England and Muscovy Archangel
The first to the Romanov dynasty Michael Romanov
Leader of the uprising Stephan Razin
People who did not believe in the reform Old Be leviers
Head of the Church Peter the Great
Prussia A Germanic-Slavic tribe that was key for Germany to become a world power
Slavic tribes The ancestors of the Poles that settled in Prussia
Franco-Prussian War French defeat in 1871 that allowed Germany to become a world power
Hohenzollern a noble dynasty of rulers of Prussia, Germany, and Romania
Wilhelm II the final ruler of Prussia, an ineffective war leader, he had to flee to the Netherlands
Albert converted to Lutheranism and became the first Duke of the Duchy of Prussia
Standing Army Prussia's army, began as a mercenary unit for Brandenburg in the Thirty Year's war
Frederick William a Calvinist Elector of Brandenburg, and a Duke of Prussia
Thirty Year's War a series of wars fought in Central Europe that shifted the balance of power
Charles XII forced the poles to elect the swedish candidates as their king
Nystadt Treaty in 1721 ended the Great Northern war by making peace between Sweden and Russia
Peters Strategy against Charles XII drew the Swedes into the endless plains, exposing them to the Russian winter
Resukts of Peters strategy Swedish army was destroyed
Petersburg named after Peter The Great, a symbol of new Russia
Serfdom Spreaded in Russia as an industrial inatitution
Peter the Great was a ships carpenter in Amsterdam before ruling Russia
Russian's 1667 Regained Smolensk and Kiev and the grownig anarchy in Poland, made that country no longer a menace
Peter enetered into alliance with who in 1697? Poland and Denmark
Created by: jilliandavis