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Thomas Ch 3 Ap Euro

Mr.Thomas' Chapter 3 Ap Euro

Price Revolution Rise in money caused a rise in prices causing an inflation
Mercantilism Selling products in a commercial way
Commercial Revolution Signified the rise of a capitalistic economy and a transition to a nation-centered economic center
The Fuggers German bankers who helped Charles V reach Holy Roman Emporer in 1519
Guilds Town controlled business and trade
Usury Loaning money and expecting repayment with interest
Poor Law of 1601 Forced poor to work
Cultures Destroyed by Europeans through travels
Portuguese First of Europe's commercial colonial empires
Christopher Columbus Discovered the New World in 1492
Hernando Cortez Conquered the Aztecs in Mexico and Thans in Peru.
Magellan Found southwestern passage in 1520
Potosi in Peru Rich silver mines in now Bolivia.
Europe Center for all of the worlds oceanic communication.
Caused changes in social structure commercial revolution, population growth, and the falling value of money
Agricultural prices rose more than any other prices in the 20th century
Inflation and population growth increased the rentals for housing in towns
Nobles previous feudal class, turned into a more modern kind of aristocracy
Bourgeois middle class, below the aristocracy. They are merchants of the city who are gaining wealth and influence
Urban elites governed the town, sometimes intermarried with persons of noble status
Bottom of the middle class small retail shopkeepers, innkeepers, the lesser skilled trades people, and their employees, journeymen and apprentices
Working poor the mass of the population in all countries were composed of these people
Domestic service most common job for women
Schools in England grammar schools emerged and endowed scholarships were established
Universities in Castile had only 2 universities dating from the Middle Ages, but had 20 by the early 17th century
England Colleges Oxford and Cambridge, very wealthy
Serfdom/Serfs hereditary subjects of the manorial lord, could not leave the manor, marry, or learn a trade without the lord's express permission
German decline The diversity of religon lead to Germany's decline
Palatine was a major state that was influnced by Calvinism.
Thirty year War fought over Fought over the Catholic-Protestant issues, and territory.
War divided in 4 sections Bohemian,Danish,Swedish,and Swedish-French.
Gustavus Adolphus King of Sweden.
Treaty of Westphalia Gave freedom of religon,and accepted Calvinisim as an acceptable religon.
Effects of the war Hundreds of citys destroyed,thousands of people killed,and lots of citizens left homeless.
Son of Charles the Fifth Phillip the Second
What did the Dukes of Burgundy own? Netherlands 17 Provinces
What was the Netherland Revolt about? the dutch being religiously opressed by the Spanish
How many troops did England send to help the dutch? 6000 troops
What did Spain lose after the their loss to England and the dutch rebels? The Netherlands
what is a Huguenot? French Calvinists
What is the St. Bartholomew Day Massacre? Thousands of Protestants murdered in Paris in 1572
French Religious Wars were between whom? Huguenots and Catholics
What did the Politiques focus on? Focus on the state not the church.
what was the Edict of Nantes? granted any noble the right to hold protestant services.
How did Henry the Second die? Jousting Tournament
Created by: EvansStephenson