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words from SATs

vocab. :P

capricious erratic; whimsical
sagacious wise
mollified reduced/ mitigated
flotsam junk
raiment clothing
sustenance the process of sustaining
decimation to destroy
disposition a predominant trait
cantankerous disagreeable to deal with
churlism rudeness
didactic intended for teaching
succint expressed in a few words
provocative tending to provoke (testing someone)
edifying to instruct or benefit (especially religiously)
aggregation a group of mismatched stuff
retrenchment the act of cutting down or off
prognosis a forecast
preeminence the state of being superior
unequivocal unambiguous, very clear
effusive lacking reserve
ineffable undescribable
tenuous thin, weak, unimportant, vague
incorrigible not easily swayed
enigma something puzzling
esoteric understood or meant for a select few
ephemeral short-lived
remonstrance a protest
erudition knowledge acquired by study
lassitude indifference; mental or physical weariness
chicanery trickery or deception
eulogy high praise
censure to criticize harshly
acumen keen insight; shrewdness
irreverence lack of respect
pettiness of little/no importance or consequence
abstruse hard to understand
arcane known or understood by a few
unprecedented unparalleled and unexpected
arbitrary subject to individual will without restriction (like a dictatorship)
idiosyncratic peculiar
pragmatic practical
pedagogy the art of teaching
passive inactive and/or unbiased
tautly tightly drawn
progressive (college) progress towards enlightenment and liberal ideas
hackneyed commonplace or trite
irresolute indecisive
officious offering unwanted help
myopic short sighted
rancorous bitterly hateful
punctilious careful with small details
dispatch speed
presumption audacity/ stepping of over bounds
durability long lasting
deliberation careful consideration
amalgram mixture
induction bringing facts forward
occlusion closing off
estrangement alienation
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