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Study guide questions for E6 EPME AQE

How many Headquarters Units report directly to Headquarters? 35
Which type of command is responsible for providing services such as civil engineering, health and safety, legal, and finance to all operational units within its area: Maintainance and Logistics Command
T or F Rear admirals head up districts. True
T or F Vice Admirals lead the Atlantic Area and the Pacific Area. True
In this war, cutters captured 18 prizes unaided and assisted in two other captures? Quasi-War
A Coast Guard cutter is credited with firing the first naval shots of this war. Civil War
First time during a war that the entire Coast Guard was transferred to the Navy. World War I
During this war, the McCulloch served as both the escort and dispatch with Commodore George Dewey’s squadron Spanish-American War
In this war effort, the Coast Guard played a marginal role, primarily one of support. Korean War
T or F The first time the Coast Guard augmented the Navy with shallow-draft craft was in World War I. False
T or F The Coast Guard was given responsibility for cold-weather operations in Greenland during World War II. True
T or F The first time ocean-going cutters augmented Navy and Coast Guard surveillance forces was in Vietnam. True
T or F The Coast Guard was solely responsible for cleaning up a massive oil spill during the Gulf War. False
T or F During Operation Nobel Eagle in November 2001, the Coast Guard was once again under Navy command False
Following World War II, members of what organization were given rates and ratings, uniforms, and insignia? Coast Guard Auxiliary
Drug smuggling in the 1960s gave what mission increased significance? Law Enforcement
What event was the impetus for the International Ice Patrol? Sinking of the Titanic
The fatality rate of this focus has greatly declined as a result of what Coast Guard mission? Boating Safety
The Refuse Act of 1899 was the catalyst for what Coast Guard mission Environmantal protection
Members of what part-time force perform the same tasks as active duty personnel? Coast Guard reserves
To help rescue immigrants from vessels ravished by winter storms, a Federal lifesaving service was initiated in what year? 1848
The only Coast Guard-manned light station in the U.S. today is located in _______. Boston Harbor
Today, the Coast Guard is under the Department of _______. Homeland Security
One of first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard. Lucille Baker
Women are integrated into active duty and Coast Guard Reserve in what year? 1973
Saved more than 600 lives, earned two gold medals, three silver, plus other awards. Joshua James
All officer career fields and enlisted ratings are opened to women in what year? 1978
Medal of Honor recipient Douglas Munroe
In what year was the Installation of First Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard. 1969
Must meet a qualifying score on the SAT, ACT, or ASVAB exams. Officer Candidate School
Continue in their civilian employment while serving on military duty. Selective Reserve Direct Commission Program
Must be serving in pay grade E-6 or above. Warrant Officer appointment
Can attend college on a full-time basis for up to 2 years and receive full pay and allowances. Pre Commissioning Program PPEP
Compete by competitive examinations for direct appointments. Coast Guard Academy
The supervisor can be a(n) ______, _____, ______. Civilian, enlisted, officer.
The command may designate as the supervisor, a ________. 1st class petty officer
Route the completed employee review to the ________. Marking official
The supervisor must route the completed employee review to the next level of the rating chain no later than ________days prior to the period ending date. 9
T or F Supporting documentation is required for recommended marks of 1, 3, or 7. False
An important aspect of the review is that it provides a road map for future improvement. True
Recommendation for advancement is completed for Master, Senior, and Chief Petty Officers. False, all Pay grades
Adverse entries should also focus on one-time, minor infractions. False
A member who is financially irresponsible must be marked as unsatisfactory conduct True
The most significant benefit of counseling is that it provides the evaluee with ________. A roadmap for success
Counseling must take place not later than ________ following the employee review period ending date. 30 days
The ________counsels and reviews the evaluation with the evaluee Supervisor
The evaluee is counseled after ________. The Approving Official has reviewed the employee evaluation.
T or F Exercise with an elevated heart rate for no more than 10 minutes False
T or F Don’t think about change until it happens so you don’t worry ahead of time. False
T or F For stressful commutes, change commuting patterns. True
T or F Your role in preventing suicide is to determine whether the person will actually commit suicide. False
T or F If a person laughingly mentions a way of escaping his problems is to leave this world, you have no need to worry since he’s just joking False
Asking open-ended questions is one way of getting a person to talk more freely. True
T or F Your willingness to talk openly about suicide can cause the person to "clam up." False
T or F If, in communicating with the person, you discover there is no specific plan, you can safely assume it’s all talk False
T or F Under the Tuition Assistance program, enlisted members incur a service duty obligation. False
T or F To be eligible for Tuition Assistance, courses must result in accredited college credit or contact hours. True
Coast Guard Foundation grants are only for active duty service personnel in pay grades E2-E9 with three or more years of Coast Guard service. False
T or F Enlisted members may be able to receive college credit for some of their military learning experience True
T or F The Coast Guard Institute is the source for ALL rating course material True
T or F The DANTES program offers a means of getting college credit for learning outside of the classroom. True
T or F No Coast Guard member or employee may authorize use of Coast Guard property for other than official use. True
It is the responsibility of the ________ to ensure training is properly recorded. Coast Guard Member
All training that members receive is recorded in ________. Their personal training record
All training records can be viewed in ________. Direct Access
Discrepancies in Direct Access training records should be reported to ________. Servicing Personnel Office
In order for the PR to be valid, it must ________. a. Be numbered properly b. Contain appropriation and accounting data c. Have a valid signature
The ________ is the written determination to restrict competition. JOTFOC
PRs for construction requests are limited to ________. $2,000
The PR limit value for ordering supplies and services is ________. $2,500
To be eligible for the Servicewide Exam (SWE), you must ________. a. Be in your rate for a required period of time b. Have your CO's recommendation c. Have successfully completed the End of Course test
The reason(s) members are not ranked in the SWE process where they thought they should be is usually because there was ________. a. Inaccurate award points b. Inaccurate sea duty points c. Missing data
Failure to carefully review your Personal Data Extract could possibly result in ________. Ineligibility for the SWE
Your PDE includes ________. a. Time in pay grade b. Time in service c. Creditable sea time
T or F Any machine part, function, or process that could cause injury must have safeguards in place. True
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item : Ascertain if a qualified person maintains and tests the fire detection system. Fire Department Operation Evaluation Checklist (Shore)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item : Ensure that guards are in place for fan blades whose periphery is less than 7 feet above the floor or working level Machine and Moving Mechanical Parts Checklist (Shore)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Ascertain if MSDSs are maintained for all applicable materials procured and utilized. Hazard Communication Checklist (Shore)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Look to see if a plan is in place for specifying unit actions in event of fires, medical emergencies, bomb threats, hazardous materials releases, etc Emergency Action Plan Checklist (Shore)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Ascertain if air flasks are recertified, including hydrostatic testing every ten years Engineering Checklist (Vessel)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Ensure that the point of operation on cutters, shears, and portable and power tools is guarded Machine and Moving Mechanical Parts (Vessel
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Ascertain if personnel are being made aware of potential health hazards associated with particular materials/chemicals. Hazard Communication Checklist (Vessel)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Check if backflow preventers are installed where hoses are connected to the ship's potable water system. Potable Water Checklist (Vessel)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Look to see if battle lanterns are installed and properly directed in the vicinity of switchboards Electrical Safety Checklist (Vessel)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Ensure that luminescent tape is installed on the lower half of the escape ladders. Ladder Safety Checklist (Vessel)
Select the most appropriate checklist for each item: Make sure that battle lanterns are being inspected, tested, and the tests/inspections documented quarterly. Fire Safety Checklist (Vessel)
Written communication that is permanent, exceeds 25 pages, and must be reviewed annually and canceled when no longer applicable. Manuals
Written communication transmitted via the Coast Guard Message System; contents are urgent in nature. Message–Type Notices
Written communication that has continuing reference value or that requires continuing action. Instructions
Written communication that contains one-time or brief information; automatically cancelled in 12 months if earlier cancellation date not specified Notices
Based on your knowledge of directives, identify the correct directive component: COMDT Originator
Based on your knowledge of directives, identify the correct directive component: INST Directive Type
Based on your knowledge of directives, identify the correct directive component: 16750 SSIC
Based on your knowledge of directives, identify the correct directive component: 8A Version
Select three types of classified messages Secret, Top Secret, Confidential
Who Plans, supervises, and coordinates the overall activities of the Coast Guard? The Commandant
How many district offices are in the Atlantic Area? 5
How many district offices are in the Pacific Area? 4
_________ are responsible for the administration and general direction of units under their authority and assuring that the functions and duties of the Coast Guard are performed efficiently, safely, and economically Districts
In which war did Coast Guard cutters in the Navy’s service perform blockade duty along the Atlantic coast, Chesapeake Bay, and Potomac River. Civil War
The Coast Guard identified how many leadership competencies? 28
What are the four leadership competency categories? Leading self • Leading others • Leading performance and change • Leading the Coast Guard
Health and well-being falls uder which leadership competency category/ Leading Self
Accountability and responsibility fall under which leadership competency category? Leading self
Effective communications fall underwhich leadership competency category? Leading Others
To ensure your people are fully versed in advancement requirements, you would suggest they become familiar with the requirements in COMDTINST M1000.6 (series). Chapter 5, Section C
Select two circumstances that could prevent promotion. a. Prior promotion b. Approved retirement request c. Frocking d. Gender e. Confinement b. Approved retirement request e. Confinement
Maintenance and Logistics Commands personnel assigned to detached duty as part of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program are called ________. Addiction Prevention Specialists
Publications are listed in the DPRI ________. Alphabetically
The DPRI consists of how many chapters. 7
If unable to find a particular publication from the DPRI web site ________. Locate the sponsor from Chapter 2 or 3 of the DPRI.
If your SDL symbol is not authorized for distribution, prepare a ________. GS Form 5323
Why are mishap investigations are conducted? Try to prevent reoccurrences of the incident.
Mishaps that are sufficiently serious to warrant formal Mishap Analysis Board action are classified as ________. Class B mishaps.
An incident occurred that resulted in property damage of approximately $150,000. This is classified as a ________. Class C mishap.
The Mishap Analysis Board appointed by the Commandant (G-KSE) is convened for a ________. Class A mishap.
This information must be included on all correspondence in the Coast Guard because it serves as the file number. SSIC
What are the fundamental principles by which military forces or elements thereof guide their actions in support of national objectives. It is authoritative but requires judgment in application. Doctrines
Having the right assets and capabilities at the right place at the right time. Effective Presence
The process of discharging or loading vessels anchored offshore. Lightering
The Coast Guard role that serves to Protect America’s maritime borders and suppress violations of federal law in the maritime region. Maritime Security
Coast Guard's role of providing essential services that undergird an effective, efficient, and safe marine transportation system. Maritime Mobility
To authorize or decree a particular action, as by the enactment of a law. Mandate
Created by: Benbejammin
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