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BIO202 - Ch 23 - Pancreas & Large Intestine - Marieb/Hoehn - RioSalado - AZ

Pancreas delivers what to the duodenum? Pancreatic juice - water, enzymes, electrolytes, & bicarbonate - alkaline (pH8) - also amylase, lipases, & nucleases
CCK stimulates what in pancreas? Acini to release pancreatic juice
Major function of large intestine Absorbs most of remaining water from indigestible food & elimates them from body as feces.
haustra Muscle tone of large intestine causes sacs/pockets.
Epiploic appendages Small fat-filled pockets of visceral peritoneum that hangs from lg. intestine.
cecum 1st part of large intestine - appendix attached.
veriform appendix Masses of lymphoid tissue - part of MALT
The __ stop feces from being passed along with gas. flatus - rectal valves - 3 curves/bends in rectum.
There are no __ or digestive enzyme-secreting cells in large intestine. villi
__ & __ are absent in the rectum & anal canal. teniae coli & haustra
There are over __ species of bacterial flora. 700
Diverticulosis Small herniations of mucosa through colon walls.
Prolonged diarrhea results in? Dehydration & electrolyte imbalance (acidosis & loss of potassium).
Chemical digestion is a __ process. catabolic
Enzymatic breakdown of food molecule. Hydrolysis - adds water molecule to break molecular bond (lysed).
Created by: Ladystorm