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Native America Term

Renaissance Rebirth
Expedition Journey such as travel or explore
Huguenots French Protestants
Missionary Someone who was sent to do religious and charitable work in another territory
Colony Someone who settles in a another land
Proprientary Colony Individual or a group of people receives ownership of land from the king
Propritetors Settlers rent on the land but in turn had to pay the kings rent
Self- governing colony Type of colony without King
Charter Official permission to operate something such as a colony
Mutiny Rebellion
Persecution Cruel treatment directed at an individual or group because of religious and beliefs
Toleration Permitting all groups to practice different beliefs
Subsistence Crops provided just enough food to feed the farmers and family
Royal Colony Under direct control under and a king
Plantation A place where people grew small tobacco and crops
Indentured Servants provided labor
Theocracy Governmental based on religious authority
Blue Laws Help people respect Sunday and Puritans
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