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BIO202 - Ch 23 - Small Intestine - Marieb/Hoehn - RioSalado - AZ

Where does small intestine join the large intestine? Ileocecal valve - right iliac region
Small intestine is __ part of the alimentary tube. longest - 6-7 m (20 feet) in cadaver
3 divisions of small intestine duodendum, jejunum, & ileum
duodenum Shortest division - 10 inches long - curves around head of pancreas - bile duct & main pancreatic duct.
Hepatopancreatic ampulla Bulblike point in small intestine where bile & pancreatic duct enters.
What valve controls entry of bile & pancreatic juice to duodenum? Sphincter of Oddi - hematopancreatic sphincter
jejunum Middle section of small intestine
ileum Last section of small intestine - joins large intestine at ileocecal valve.
Main arterial supplier of small intestine Superior mesenteric artery
Plicae circulares Circular folds in small intestine of mucosa & submucuosa helps in nutrient digestion.
Lacteal Lymphatic capillary that receives fatty materials absorbed from intestines.
Histology of small intestine wall Simple columnar, tight junctions with microvilli & goblet cells, endocrine cells & IELs (T Cells - intraepitheliallymphocytes).
Intestinal crypts of Lieberkuhn Pits in small intestine where intestinal juice secreted by Paneth cells.
duodenal glands (Brunner's) Produce alkaline (bicarbonate-rich) mucus
Intestinal juice Alkaline (7.4-7.8 pH) - water, mucus, enzyme poor
__ is the most common motion of small intestine. segmentation
What hormone in small intestine causes peristalic waves to take over segmenting movements. Motilin from duodenal mucosa
Migrating Motility Complex (MMC) Successive waves of peristalis in duodenum to ileum.
Gastroileal reflex Ensures contents of previous meal are swept completely out of stomach & small intestine as next meal is eaten.
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