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SAT vocab lesson w-2

gregarious seeking and enjoying the company of others
astute showing clever awareness
derogatory belittling; tending to diminish
enmity bitter attitude or feelings of an enemy or of mutual enemies
propound to suggest for consideration; to propose
exculpate to clear from blame or guilt
punitive inflicting or intended to inflict punishment
incisive keen or penetrating in thought or expression
adroit naturally skilful
convulted intricate; complicated
addled confused
baffle to frustrate by confusing
befuddle to confuse
bemuse to confuse or stupefy
flummox to confuse or perplex
inscrutable hard to understand
nonplus to put at a loss what to do or think
obfuscate to make difficult to understand
tumult a great commotion or uproar
welter a confused mass or jumble
adversary an enemy
avert to turn away
conversant familiar, as by study or experience
diverge to depart from a set course or opinion
extrovert an outgoing person
inadvertent unintentional
perverse deviating from what is right or good
revert to return to a former condition
subvert to corrupt; to overthrow completely
traverse to travel over or through
access an outburst; a sudden onset
appreciate grow in value
bay to howl
breezy fresh and animated; lively
camp a group of people who think alike or share a cause
career to move at full speed; to rush
charge a responsibility
fetching attractive
forbidding disagreeable; menacing
impress a mark or stamp
allot to distribute
alloy a mixture
amalgamate to blend into one
ambulatory of or for walking; capable of walking
attest to give evidence that something is true or genuine
behoove to be necessary or proper for
bigot one who favors his or her own group and is intolerant of those who differ
chagrin feeling of embarrassment
chameleon lizard that changes skin color; inconstant person
context circumstances where something occurs
convex curved or rounded outward
cultivate to promote growth
defer to delay; to put off
dross impurities formed on the surface of metals during melting; worthless, commonplace or trivial material
enamor to inspire with love
engross to occupy completely
fiat an authoritative order
forgo to abstain from or relinquish
fraternize to associate in a friendly manner
frowzy having an uncared-for appearance
gambit a calculated, risky opening move
glutinous sticky; like glue
hector to harass; to bully
ideology a set of beliefs forming the basis of a political or economic system
impassioned filled with emotion; fervent
insatiable incapable of being satisfied
interrogate to examine by questioning
inveigh to protest
irrevocable not able to undo or alter
jugular of the neck or throat
junket a pleasure trip taken as a business expense or paid for by the public
lesion a wound
levitate to rise or cause to rise and float in the air
motive a reason for doing something
nullify to make void and unimportant
obsess to preoccupy excessively
opaque not letting in light; unintelligible
parity similarity; equality
passive unresisting; submissive
pinnacle highest point; summit
prevalent dominant; widespread
prominent widely known
quaint odd, especially in an old-fashioned way
raconteur one who tells stories with skill
raillery light, good-natured ridicule or satire
recuperate to recover from illness or exhaustion; to regain health
refurbish to make clean or bright again
segregate to separate into groups or parts
singe to burn superficially; to scorch
sinuous curving in and out; winding
somnolent sleepy
stereotype something that conforms to a fixed pattern
succinct expressed without wasted words
sympathy a relationship between people or things in which whatever affects one affects the other; the power to share the feelings of another
synthesis the combination of separate parts into a unified whole
tawdry tastelessly showy
travesty an imitation that makes a serious thing seem ridiculous
vulgar lacking refinement or taste; crude
willful stubborn
yokel an unsophisticated person from the country
Created by: cc.d
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