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Bio202 - Ch 23 - Liver and Gallbladder - Marieb/Hoehn - Rio Salado - AZ

Digestive function of liver Produces bile (fat emulsifier)
4 lobes of the liver right,left,quadrate,caudate
gallbaldder stores and concentrates bile salts
bile alkaline: yellow-green fluid containing bile salts, pigments, cholesterol, phospolipids, triglycerides & phospholipids - emulsifies fats & aids in digestion
Digestive function of liver Produces bile (fat emulsifier)
What in bile aids digestion? Bile salts & phospholipids
Bile salts do what? Emulsify fats & facilitate absorption
Enterohepatic circulation Recycling mechanism for bile salts
The __ is a remnant of fetal umbilicle vein on liver. ligamentum teres (round ligament)
Where does bile leave liver? Common hepatic duct
Where does bile leave gallbladder? Cystic duct
The common hepatic duct & cystic duct fused to form __. the bile duct
Functional units of liver are? Liver lobules - plates of hepatocytes (liver cells)
Blood percolates from __ regions of liver through the sinusoids & empties into __. portal triads - central vein
Kupffer cells Hepatic macrophages that remove debris, bacteria, & old RBCs from blood.
The hepatocytes of liver produce __ & do what? bile - store glucose as glycogen & fat soluble vitamins & detoxify body
Hep B is spread how? IV, sex, etc.
Hep A is spread how? Sewage - contamination & feces - common in restaurants
Roll of gallbladder Stores concentrated bile from liver & releases when needed through its cystic duct.
The major stimulus for gallbladder contraction is __. cholecystokinin (CCK) - intestinal hormone released when acidic, fatty chyme enters duodenum.
CCK stimulates? Gallbladder to contract, pancreatic juice secretion, & relaxes hepatopancreatic sphincter.
gallstones Biliar calculi - obstruct flow of bile - sharp crystals due to too much cholesterol or too few bile salts.
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