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September SAT


per se in and of itself
annihilate completely destroy
obsolete out dated
inflict impose,force
Abound to grow
masochist person who likes pain
chagrin disappointment
pseudo FAKE
Condescend to act like your better than another
in utero in your moms uterus
eschew reject
hyperbole exaggeration
ponder think deeply
evoke to bring to mind
peruse read thoroughly
penury poverty
obscure not well known unclear or vague
dispel to drive away to dismiss
vindictive wanting revenge
prestigious all that, high status
encounter to meet run into
Advocates support, be in favor of
Memoir Personal story written from someone's memories.
Maverick A person who does his own thing, person who doesn't go along with the group
connotation Feelings or ideas related to one word
distinction A difference
vigilant on guard extra alert
disenfranchised Not allowed to vote
laudatory Full of praise
amenable person willing to go along with anything
adversarial Acting like an enemy
apathetic not caring
morose depressed
peripheral on the edge
misaligned to position crookedly
misanthrope person who hates people
misconstrue misunderstand
misnomer A wrong name
misogynist hater of women
intact not broken or damaged
erratic not showing a consistent pattern
ambiguity Having two possible meanings
depict Show
lichen A fungus growing
serene Peaceful
prattle meaning less chatter
malady illness
jocund joyful
rotund plump,Round
emaciated thin to the point of starvation
mirth Amusement and laughter
treatise Formal written discussion about a subject
neologism A new word or a new meaning for an old word
Feign pretend
narcissistic totally impressed with yourself
malediction curse
dissect to slice into pieces and examine them
resurgence rebirth
Created by: janaeashleyy
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