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Male Pelvic O

Male Pelvic Organs

Describe the route of the ductus deferens starting with the testicle Inguinal ring, external , internal rings, prostate
Where is the bladder in relation to the prostate? It is on top of the prostate
Where are the ductus deferens in relation to the seminal vesicles? They are medial to them
Where do the gonadal arteries branch off? Off of the aorta inferior to the superior mesenteric artery
Where do the gonadal arteries go through what ligament in females? Suspensory ligament
Where does the left gonadal vein drain into? Left renal vein
Where does the right gonadal vein drain into? IVC
If the temperature in the testicle raises what happens to the cremaster muscle? It relaxes. The testicles are allowed to droop to the scrotum to dissipate heat
What can happen due to the fact the left gonadal drains into the renal? The drainage can get backed up and they can become engorged
If engorged veins are wrapped around the spermatic cord what happens? The vas deferens are constantly being bathed in excess body temperature
As the testicles descend what is dragged along with it? The peritoneum from the abdominal
Name the layers of the spermatic cord Transversalis fascia, cremaster fibers and external oblique
What is the hydrocele filled with? Fluid
What happens if the processus vaginalis is not obliterated what happens? The hydrocele can communicate with the peritoneal cavity and that is called a communicating hydrocele
Is there communication if the processus vaginalis is obliterated? No it is just called a hydrocele
Is an indirect hernia inside or outside of the cord? Inside
True or False: Fluid transilluminate True
What is the golden window for tissue death? 6-12 hours
What is an epididymal orchitis? Inflammation of the epididymis due to venous stasis
Where is the pain located with an incarcerated hernia? At the external rings
What kind of symptoms do you have with a epididymal orchitis that you don't have with a hernia? Tenderness at the right upper pole of testicle
What innervation is around the external ring? T12-L1
What can go wrong with a vasectomy? The testicle engorges, it shrivels up and disappears due to lack of venous drainage, individuals can form antibodies to the sperm
Where are seminal vesicles in relation to the ductus deferens? Lateral
Describe seminal vesicles Glandular tissue that provides nutrients, lubricating fluid and joins the ductus deferens to enter the ejaculatory duct
Where is the prostate in relation to the rectum? Anterior
What sphincter does the prostate contain? Urethral
Is it better to go posterior or anterior to the rectalvesical septum in surgery? Anterior
What nerves are in the rectalvesical septum? Nerves essential for preserving sexual function
Where is the vestigial blind pouch located in the prostate? At the seminal colliculus
What symptom can you have if you have a large prostate? Constipation
Where would you feel the pain of the rectal being stretched? Below the pelvic pain line
Describe hypospadias Where the urethra comes out somewhere proximal to where it is supposed to be. You have urinary continence but problems with sexual function
What can fracture during rough sex? Tunica albuginea and bucks fascia
Repeated sexually transmitted diseases can cause what? Stricutures in perineum formation



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