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S.S. test review

Mrs. Gustofson

King henry the 8th King of england. 1st ruler to break away from catholic church. Declared himself as head of church of england(aglican church)
Martin Luther German monk. started protestant reformation by passing 95 theses on church door questioning their practices.
Crusade a christain millitary expodetion to take back holy land from muslims.
Mercantilsm a theory that a nations power depends on the wealth which is aquired through gold and trade.
Caravel Ship with steering rudder and triangular sails.
effect on the crusades exposed europeans to new goods from india which led the desire to seek new routes to asia.
Effect on the renaissance Europeans wanted to improve knowledge of people and world. Began taking expiremental approach to science.
What wass brought from the old world to the new world in the columbian exchange? Cattle, Disease, horses.
What were the reasons england, france, and netherlands explored n. America? They wanted to find a northern water route to asia. (northwest Passage)
France's economic goal in North america. Hope to establish fur trading and fishing.
Defeat of the spanish armada The english got help from sea dogs.
How did asians get to america? Land bridge called berngia.
What was the first european country to claim land in america? spain
How were conquistadors able to defeat the natives. With deseas, guns and cannons
What effect did the protestant reformation have on christianity? Created more churches.
How did mercantilism influence the exploration and settlement of north america? opened trade routes.
Created by: clairebender001