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Female Pelvic O

Female Pelvic organs

Define anterverted The uterus is bent forward at the junction of the cervix and the vagina
Define anterflexed The uterus is bent forward at its junction with the cervix
True or False: Ovary can descend down into the pouch of douglas with age True
Is there peritoneum on the ovaries? No
What artery is the cardinal ligament? The uterine artery
Does the urter come over the common iliac artery? Yes and it runs under the uterine arteries to get to the bladder
Where will fibroids or tumors coming off the posterior aspect of the uterus sometimes lie down in? The rectouterine pouch
Name layers of the uterus cavity Endometrium, myometrium and visceral fascia and loose endopelvic fascia
What part of the fallopian tube communicates with the peritoneal cavity? fimbria
Name the pathway the egg takes after goin through the infunibulum Then to the ampulla, then to isthmus then to uterus
What is the procdure hysterosalipinogram used for? to assess the patency of the system of the Fallopian tubes
Are the ovaries posterior or anterior? Posterior
What is the broad ligament? 2 layers of peritoneum, loose endopelvic fascia with blood supply going into it and around it
What remnant is the ligament of the ovary? Remnant of the gubernaculum
In what ligament are the ovarian vessels located? The suspensory ligament
What are the cysts of borgangi? They are normal cysts that are located on the fallopian tubes
Where does the innervation of the ovary travel to? up to T12-L2
Name the places that communicate in Pelvic Inflammatory disease The uterine cavity, vagina, FT's and peritoneal cavity
Describe the venous drainage It is systemic. It goes out the gonadal vein first
Where would it drain if it drains out of the uterine vein first? It would go to the internal iliacs first
When you are in labor what is both thinning out and shortening? The cervix
What is the purpose of an episiotomy? A surgical cut will heal better than a random tear. Prevent tearing of the sphincter muscle
The round ligament of the uterus The round ligament