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Age of Exploration

1000 - 1500s

Vocabulary WordDefinition
monarch king or queen
feudal lord managed the land and people of the manor
middle class merchants who focused on business and trade
saga an unwritten legend
Middle Ages a period of cultural isolation
manor large estate owned by a noble
Crusades holy wars
feudal system a system of managing land
serf landless peasants
Renaissance a renewed interest in learning
navigation the science of piloting ships
caravel small sturdy ship with triangular sails
Age of Exploration sea captains sailed and mapped the oceans of the world
enslaved person one forced to serve another person
mutiny seize the captain and take control of the ship
Taino Native Americans
colony a settlement made in another country
plantation large farms that produce only one crop to be sold
Columbian Exchange the exchange of goods and ideas and people between Europe and the Americas
strait a narrow channel of water
Northwest Passage water route to Asia through North America
African empires Ghana, Mali, Songhai
Created by: rjrivera