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Legal and Ethical Responsibilities

Holding somebody against his/her will False Imprisonment
A newspaper printing false statements about someone Libel
Saying untrue things about someone Slander
A dentist does open heart surgery Malpractice
Stealing medications from your employer Criminal
Suing someone for writing nasty comments on your car Tort
Telling a patient they are worthless, no good and ugly Verbal abuse
Part of a contract- arrive at the dentist offer
Paying your bill for your gold tooth consideration
The dentist installing your new gold tooth. Acceptance
Starting an IV on someone who did not say you could treat them Battery
Leaving the bed in the highest position and the patient falling out of bed Negligence
Violating a persons rights is an example of what type of law? Civil
When a person sues another this is an example of what type of law? Civil
A payment for someones offer consideration
An obligation that is expressed without terms Implied
A male coworker says to female coworker "WOW, what a sexy top you have on" Sexual assault
A nurse graduates from college but fails his/her boards, and starts working a nurse Malpractice
A patient has been in a car accident,you ask him if you can help him. What kind of consent is this? Verbal
You start doing CPR on a unconscious patient, what type of consent is this? Implied
What type of disability does a "17" year old child have? Legal disability
You don't pay your hospital bill, this is? Breech in contract
A hospital gets sued because their employee(Agent) violates HIPAA. The hospital is the ____ Principal
A patient breaks their leg, goes to the hospital,the hospital will not let them go home. False imprisonment
Someone that has the power or authority to act as the representative of another Agent
A false statement about a person defamation of character
Not covering a patient up while bathing him/her Invasion of privacy
PHI Protected health information
A patients PHI is considered________________ ___________ Privileged communication
A hospital takes you as a patient Acceptance
Using narcotics while working in a hospital, criminal or civil criminal
A hospital is an agent or principal? Principal
A person who works in a lab of a hospital is an agent or principal Agent
A patient wants to die so a doctor orders a lethal dose of medication Criminal/Civil? Criminal
A patient is restrained because he was being annoying False imprisonment
Civil suit that does not involve a contract tort
An agreement between two or more people Contract
Failure to give care that is normally expected Negligence
A physician who does surgery from his home Malpractice
Patients have the right to refuse care T/F? True as long as they are not a risk to injure themselves or someone else
A document that states what measures should be taken regarding his/her health when he/she is unable to make decisions living will
What does DNR mean? Do not resuscitate, no CPR
A document that allows another person to make health care decisions when you are no longer able to make them Durable Power of Attorney (POA)
What requires health care facilities to provide info regarding advance directives? Patient Self- Determination Act PSDA
Do all health care facilities need to offer info regarding advance directives? why or why not no, only ones that receive any type of federal aid
What are the three reasons why your health information may be shared? Research, public health, & health care operations
Of the following which ones are limited data(unique information)? email address, SSI, age, high school, gender, drivers license number SSI, email address, drivers license number
Of the following which ones can be used that do not personally identify a patient? email address, SSI, age, high school, gender, drivers license number age, high school, gender
What does PHI mean Protected health information
Created by: Ms. Blair