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Theology ch 9 test

test review

Beloved disciple John
Incarnation God becoming man
Christology from below study of christ
Four parts of John's Gospel 1) Prologue 2) Book of Signs 3) Book of Glory 4) Epilogue: Resur. in Galilee
signs miracles
Signs reveal what? provide Jesus' identity and the glory of God
mystical union with God or mysterious
logos Greek word for word
Glory of god visible revelation of the invisible god
People who hated Jesus were Pharisees
Jesus came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it
John was the son of who? Zebedee
John was written for Christians who needed to differentiate themselves from other groups
Ergon Greek word for work
Paraclete holy spirit; counselor; a guide; advocate
John's symbol eagle
John date 90/100 AD
Docetism taught that God did not become human; only appeared to be man - appeared to instruct people
Semeion sign
heresy false teaching early church
This summarizes the Word's purpose for joining us; he is the way to god; he proclaims the truth of salvation; he bestows on us eternal life Way, Truth, and life
Jesus has power over death. belief in him leads to eternal life Resurrection and the Life
Jesus is the beacon of truth who points us to his Father Light if the world
Jesus is the way to God's kingdom. heaven Sheepgate
Jesus loves each of us an has surrendered his life for us; He is the messiah who watches out for his flock Good sheperd
Jesus is the source of life; we must remain attached to him Vine
Jesus gives true life, eternal life; by receiving him in the Eucharist, he lives in us Bread of life
Created by: fikott1