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infection control

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

What is a disease producing microorganism called?   Pathogen.  
What are three environmental factors that accelerate the reproduction of pathogens?   Warmth,Darkness,Moisture.  
What are three ways pathogens cause infections?   Producing toxins, causing allergic reactions, and destroying cells of the body.  
What does contamination mean?   An object contains pathogens.  
What does clean mean?   An object does not contain pathogens.  
What is fomites?   Contaminated inanimate objects.  
What are common fomites?   Doorknob,telephone,remote control,faucets,keyboards,light switches,pens/pencils, and money.  
What is antisepsis?   Inhibiting the growth of pathogens.  
What is disinfection?   Killing pathogens.  
What is sterilization?   Destruction of all microorganisms.  
What is aseptic technique?   Striving for the absent of pathogens.  
What is the most effective aseptic technique?   Hand washing.  
What are the 6 chain of infection categories?   Causative host, reservoir,portal of exit,mode of transmission,portal of entry,susceptible host.  
What is the strength of the immune system directly related too?   Nutrition, exercising frequently, tobacco and drinking, sleeping habits.  
What is BSI?   Body Substance Isolation  
What should a medical professional wear whenever there is a danger of coming into contact with bodily fluids( except perspiration and tears)?   PPE- personal protective equipment  
What should a medical professional wear whenever there is a danger of splashing or spraying of bodily fluids(except perspiration and tears)?   PPE- personal protective equipment  
What are examples of PPE, personal protective equipment?   Gloves, masks, eye protection, gowns  
By law, what has to be provided by the employer for free and in your size?   PPE- personal protection equipment  
What federal agency created and enforced the law that employers must provide PPE, personal protection equipment, for free and in your size?   OSHA- occupational safety and health administration  
What is the order in which protective wear is removed?   1.exam gloves 2.eye protection and mask 3.gown  
What should you do before removing your eye protection and mask?   Properly wash your hands.  
How do you remove your eye protection and mask?   Touching only the handles and straps.  
How do you remove your gown?   Turning it inside out and rolling it into a ball.  
Where is the PPE, personal protective equipment, suppose to be disposed?   Biohazard bag  
What do you do after throwing your PPE, personal protective equipment, in a biohazard bag?   Properly wash your hands  
How are gloves removed?   Only touching the outside of the first glove removed and then only touching the inside of the second glove removed and turning them inside out.  
What objects should be placed in a biohazard bag?   Any material that has a potential of containing bodily fluds.  
Biohazard bags are...   1.Usually red in color 2.Leak resistant 3.Closable 4.Contain a biohazard sign.  
When should you double bag a biohazard bag?   When the biohazard bag is broken open or contaminated on the outside.  
What is to be placed in a sharps container?   Any item that has the potential to cut or puncture you.  
Sharps containers are...   1.Usually colored red 2.Puncture resistant 3.Leak resistant 4.Closable 5.Contains a biohazard sign.  
When should sharps containers be replaced?   When two thirds full  
What is a dirty utility?   A secured area where biohazard material is stored to prevent accidental contamination.  
What happens to disposable biohazard material?   It will be incinerated by an biohazard disposable company.  
What should you never do to needles and why?   Recap them because you could easily puncture your skin.  
How do you pick up broken glass?   With a dust pan and broom or two cardboard pieces.  
What acts are FORBIDDEN in a medical setting?   1.Eating 2.Drinking 3.Smoking 4.Application of makeup 5.Application of lip balm 6.Application and removal of contact lenses.  
Why are eating,drinking,smoking,applying makeup,applying lip balm, and applying or removing contacts forbidden?   Contaminated hands are being brought to mucous membranes such as mouth, nose, and eyes.  
What 3 viruses can penetrate mucous membranes as well as an open wound?   1.Hepatitis B(HBV) 2.Hepatitis C(HCV) 3.Human immunodeficiency virus(HIV)  


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Created by: juggagirl21