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NHTC 17 Otolaryngology Medical Terms

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

acous/o   hearing  
audi/o   hearing  
audit/o   hearing  
chchle/o   cochlea  
labyrinth/o   labyrinth, inner ear  
mastoid/o   mastoid process  
ot/o   ear  
aur/o   ear  
auricul/o   ear  
salping/o   tubes (eustachian - auditory)  
staped/o   stapes  
tympan/o   tympanic membrane, eardrum  
myring/o   tympanic membrane, eardrum  
adenoid/o   adenoid  
epiglott/o   epiglottis  
laryng/o   larynx (voice box)  
nas/o   nose  
rhin/o   nose  
pharyng/o   pharynx (throat)  
sinus/o   sinus cavity  
tonsill/o   tonsils  
trache/o   trachea  
acusis   hearing  
cusis   hearing  
rrhea   discharge, flow  
an   without, not  
tic   pertaining to  
chole   bile, gall  
steat   fat  
oma   tumor  
itis   inflammation  
ot   ear  
ser   serum  
ous   pertaining to  
scler   hardening, sclera  
osis   abnormal condition  
osmia   smell  
bronch   bronchus  
epi   above, upon  
glott   glottis  
laryng   larynx  
polyp   small growth  
peri   around  
tonsill   tonsils  
sinus   sinus  
pnea   breathing  
a   without, not  
esophag   esophagus  
eal   pertaining to  
audio   hearing  
metry   act of measuring  
laryngo   larynx (voice box)  
scopy   visual examination  
naso   nose  
scopy   visual examination  
oto   ear  
pneum   air, lung  
graphy   process of recording  
myringo   typanic membrane  
tomy   incision  


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Created by: rmlgray