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Chapter 7 Med Terms for Pharm Care

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

angi/o   vessel  
vas/o   vessel  
vascul/o   vessel  
aort/o   aorta  
arteri/o   artery  
ather/o   fatty (lipid) paste  
atri/o   atrium  
cardi/o   heart  
coron/o   circle or crown  
my/o   muscle  
pector/o   chest  
steth/o   chest  
sphygm/o   pulse  
thrombo   clot  
ven/o   vein  
phleb/o   vein  
varic/o   swollen, twisted vein  
ventricul/o   ventricle (belly or pouch)  
septum   divides the heart into right and left (interatrial and interventricular)  
valves of the heart   tricuspid valve, mitral(bicuspid) valve, pulmonary semilunar valve, and aortic valve  
three layers of the heart   endocardium, myocardium, epicardium  
pericardium   protective sac around the heart  
flow of blood: deoxygenated to lung   deoxygenated blood->superior/inferior vena cava -> right atrium -tricuspid valve-> right ventricle-pulmonary semilunar valve->pulmonary artery ->lung  
flow of blood: oxygenated from lung to circulation   lung ->pulmonary veins->left atrium-bicuspid(mitral)valve->left ventricle-aortic valve->aorta->systemic circulation  
coronary arteries   supplies blood to the heart, first organ to receive oxygenated  
atrium   upper right and left chambers of the heart  
endocardium   membrane lining the cavities of the heart  
epicardium   membrane forming the outer layer of the heart  
interatrial septum   partition between right and left atrium  
interventricular septum   partition between right and left ventricle  
myocardium   heart muscle  
pericardium   protective sac enclosing the heart composed of two layers with fluid between  
parietal pericardium   outer layer of the pericardium  
pericardial cavity   fluid-filled cavity between the pericardial layers  
visceral pericardium   layer of pericardium closest to the heart  
ventricle   lower right and left chambers of the heart  
heart valves   structures within the heart that open and close with the heartbeat to regulate the one-way flow of blood  
aortic valve   heart valve between left ventricle and the aorta  
mitral/bicuspid valve   heart valve between the left atrium and left ventricle  
pulmonary semilunar valve   heart valve opening from the right ventricle to the pulmonary artery  
tricuspid valve   valve between the right atrium and the right ventricle  
valves of the veins   valves located at intervals within the lining of veins, especially in the legs, which constrict with muscle action to move blood returning to the heart  
arteries   vessels that carry blood from the heart to the arterioles  
aorta   large artery that is the main trunk of the arterial system branching from the left ventricle  
arterioles   small vessels that receive blood from the arteries  
capillaries   tiny vessels that join arterioles and venules  
venules   small vessels that gather blood from the capillaries into the veins  
veins   vessels that carry blood to the heart from the venules  
systemic circulation   circulation of blood throughout the body through the blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients to body tissues  
coronary circulation   circulation of blood through the coronary blood vessels to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle tissue  
pulmonary circulation   circulation of blood from the pulmonary artery through the vessels in the lungs and back to the heart via the pulmonary vein, providing for the exchange of gases  


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