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Chapter 8 Gastrointestinal system

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

an/o   anus  
append/o   appendix  
appendic/o   appendix  
bar/o   weight  
bucc/o   cheek  
cec/o   cecum  
chol/e   bile,gall  
cholangi/o   bile duct  
cholecyst/o   gallbladder  
choledoch/o   common bile duct  
col/o   colon  
colon/o   colon  
dent/o   tooth  
duoden/o   duodenum  
enter/o   small intestine  
esophag/o   esophagus  
gastr/o   stomach  
gingiv/o   gums  
gloss/o   tongue  
hepat/o   liver  
ile/o   ileum  
jejun/o   jejunum  
labi/o   lip  
lapar/o   abdomen  
lingu/o   tongue  
lith/o   stone  
odont/o   tooth  
or/o   mouth  
palat/o   palate  
pancreat/o   pancreas  
pharyng/o   throat, pharynx  
proct/o   anus and rectum  
pylor/o   pylorus  
rect/o   rectum  
sialaden/o   salivary gland  
sigmoid/o   sigmoid colon  
-emesis   vomit  
-lithiasis   condition of stone  
-orexia   appetite  
-pepsia   digestion  
-phagia   eat, swallow  
-prandial   pertaining to meal  
-tripsy   surgical crushing  
cheil/o   lips  
pyr/o   fire, heat  
staphyl/o   uvula  
stomat/o   mouth  
uvul/o   uvula  
-clysis   irrigation  
anal   pertaining to the anus  
appendectomy   removal of the appendix  
appendicitis   inflammation of the appendix  
buccal   pertaining to the cheeks  
cheilitis   inflammation of the lips  
cholecystectomy   removal of the gallbladder  
  pertaining to the gallbladder  
cholecystalgia   gall bladder pain  
cholelithiasis   infestation of gall stones  
colectomy   removal of the colon  
colonstomy   surgical opening of some part of the colon  
colorectal   pertaining to the colon and rectum  
colonic   pertaining to the colon  
dental   pertaining to the teeth  
dentalgia   tooth pain/ tooth ache  
duodenal   pertaining to the duodenum  
enteric   pertaining to the small intestine  
enteritis   inflammation of the small intestine  
esophageal   pertaining to the esophagus  
esophagectasis   dilated esophagus  
gastralgia   stomach pain  
gastric   pertaining to the stomach  
gastroenteritis   inflammation of the stomach and small intestine  
gastroenterologist   one who studies the stomach and small intestine  
gastromalacia   softening of the stomach  
nasogastric   pertaining to the nose and stomach  
gastrostomy   surgical opening of the stomach  
gastroscope   instrument to view inside the stomach  
gastritis   inflammation of the stomach  
gastrectomy   removal of stomach  
gingivitis   inflammation of the gums  
gingivectomy   excision of the gums  
glossal   pertaining to the tongue  
hypoglossal   pertaining to under the tongue  
ileal   pertaing to the ileum  
ileostomy   surgical opening in the ileum to the outside of the abdomen  
ileectomy   surgical removal of the ileum  
ileotomy   surgical incision into the ileum  
jejunal   pertaining to the jejunum  
laparotomy   incision into the abdomen  
laparoscope   instrument to view inside the abdomen  
sublingual   pertaining to under the tongue  
orthodontic   pertaining to straight teeth  
periodontic   pertaining around the teeth  
oral   pertaining to the mouth  
palatoplasty   surgical repair of the palate  
pancreatitis   inflammation of the pancreas  
pancreatic   pertaining to the pancreas  
pharyngeal   pertaining to the pharynx, throat  
pharyngoplegia   paralysis of the throat  
pharyngoplasty   surgical repair of the throat  
proctoptosis   drooping rectum and anus  
proctology   study of rectum and anus  
proctopexy   surgical fixation of rectum and anus  
pyloric   pertaining to pylorus (the region of the stomach where it connects to the duodenum)  
rectal   pertaining to the rectum  
sialadenitis/sialoadenitis   inflammation of the salivary gland  
sigmoidoscope   instrument for viewing inside the sigmoid colon  
sigmoidal   pertaining to the sigmoid colon  
staphyloplasty   surgical repair of the uvula  
stomatalgia   pain in the mouth  
stomatoplasty   surgical repair of the mouth  
stomatotomy   incision in the mouth  
uvulectomy   surgical removal of the uvula  
enteroclysis   irrigation of the small intestine  
hematemesis   vomiting up blood  
hyperemesis   excessive vomiting  
anorexia   absence of eating  
dysorexia   abnormal appetite  
bradypepsia   slow digestion  
aphagia   unable to swallow or eat  
dysphagia   difficulty swallowing or eating  
polyphagia   many (excessive) eating  
postprandial   after a meal  
diarrhea   passing of frequent, watery bowel movements  
polyp   small tumor with pedicle or stem attachment  
pyrosis   pain/burning sensation (heartburn)  
anal fistula   abnormal tube like passage from surface around anal opening directly into rectum  
diverticulitis   inflammation of the diverticulum (an outpouching off the gut)  
diverticulosis   condition of having diverticula (outpouches of the gut)  
dysentery   disease characterized by diarrhea, often with mucus and blood, severe abdominal pain, fever, and dehydration  
hemorrhoids   varicose veins in the rectum  
polyposis   several small tumors that contain pedicle or stem-like-attachment in mucous membranes of colon  
cholecystitis   inflammation of the gallbladder  
cholelithiasis   gallstones  
colonoscopy   flexible fibersocpe called colonscope; used to view upper portion of colon  
laparoscopy   laperoscope is passed through the abdominal wall through small incision  
sigmoidoscopy   procedure using flexible sigmoidscope to visually examine sigmoid colon  
paracentesis   insertion of needle into abdominal cavity to withdraw fluid  
gavage   using nasogastric tube to place liquid nourishment directly into stomach  
lavage   using nasogastric tube to wash out stomach  
anastomosis   to surgically create connection between two organs or vessels  
choledocholithotripsy   surgical crushing of gallstone in common bile duct  
fistulectomy   removal of fistula  
hemorrhoidectomy   surgical removal of hemorrhoids from anorectal area  
Ac   before meal  
BE   barium enema  
BM   bowel movement  
EGD   esophagogastroduodenoscopy  
ERCP   endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography  
GB   gallbladder  
GERD   gastroesophageal reflux disease  
GI   gastrointestinal  
NG   nasogastric (tube)  
NPO   nothing by mouth  
pc   after meal  
PO   by mouth  
UGI   upper gastrointestinal series  


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