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A--Anatomy of the breast

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

The breast are classified as specialized ___________________ __________ capable of secreting milk.   accesory glands  
What hormones, during puberty, stimulated the development of the breast?   ovarian hormones  
What is the small part of the breast's glands that extend into the axilla known as?   axillary tail  
East breast has approx. how many lobules which radiate from the nipple?   15-20  
The main duct of each lobule is known as what?   lactiferous duct  
The base of the breast is surrounded by a colored area of skin know as what?   areola  
What produces the elevation of the areola?   underlying glands, areolar glands  
The lobules of the breast are separted by fibrous septa, which attach to deep surfaces of the skin by what?   suspensory ligaments  
What structure is involved in the dimpling of the skin seen in breast cancer?   suspensory ligaments  
This is loose connective tissure separating breast from deep fascia covering the pectoralis major.   Retromammary space  
The medial mammary arterial branches originate from the perforating branches of what artery?   internal thoracic artery  
The lateral mammary branches originate from what two arteries?   lateral thoracic artery and posterior intercostal arteries  
What three veins are mainly involved in draining blood from the breasts?   internal thoracic, lateral thoracic, and posterior intercostal veins  
Lymph from the lateral quadrants of breast drain into what group of axillary lymph nodes?   anterior (pectoral) group  
Lymph from medial quadrants of breast drain into what group of lymph nodes?   internal thoracic group  
The areas of the breast that drain lymph posteriorly drain into what lymph nodes?   posterior intercostal lymph nodes  
Why is it possible from cancer in one breast to spread to the other breast or the abdomen?   because some lymph vessels communicate with these areas  


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Created by: justice2