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3sam wines

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

Kinsen   Plum Wine – California  
Sycamore Lane   White Zin – California  
Frisk “Prickly”   Riesling – Australia  
R Fusion   Riesling – Germany  
Pampano   Pinot Grigio – California  
La Playa   Sauvignon Blanc – Chile  
Neirano “Pitule”   Moscato d’Asti – Italy  
Casal Garcia   Vinho Verde – Portugal  
Louis Pierre   Chardonnay – France  
Famaey   Malbec Rosé – France  
Mark West   Pinot Noir – California  
Coastal Vines   Pinot Noir – California  
Lot 205   Red Zinfandel – California  
Shoofly   Shiraz – Australia  
Louis M. Martini   Cab Sauv. – California  
La Playa   Cabernet Sauvignon – Chile  
Château Famaey Cahors   Malbec – France  
Château Tour de Luchey   Bordeaux – France  
Domaine Tour Boisée   Merlot/Cabernet – France  


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Created by: davidmccullough2