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Male and Female urogenital

Quiz yourself by thinking what should be in each of the black spaces below before clicking on it to display the answer.

balano   glans penis  
colpo   vagina  
crypto   hidden  
cysto   bladder  
gastro   stomach  
glyco, gluco   glucose  
gyno, gyneco   woman, female structures  
hemato, hemo   blood  
histo   tissue  
hystero   uterus  
intestino   intestine  
meno   menses  
metro   uterine tissues  
nato   birth  
nephro   kidney  
neuro   nerve  
nocti,nycto   night  
oophoro   ovaries  
orchido, orchio, orcho   testicles  
peno   penis  
prostato   prostate  
pyelo   renal pelvis  
pyo   pus  
reno   kidney  
salpingo   fallopian tubes  
spermato, spermo   sperm  
uro   urine  
uretero   ureter  
urethro   urethra  
vaso   vessel, vas deferens  
anti   against  
neo   new  
olig   slight  
blast   immature cell  
cele   herniation  
cide   kill  
lysis   destruction  
megaly   enlarged  
pexy   fixing a prolapsed organ  
plasty   surgical repair  
phagia   eating, swallowing  
ptosis   prolapsed  
rrhea   flow, discharge  
rrhagia   hemorrhaging  
rraphy   suturing  
tripsy   procedural crushing  
anuria   unable to produce urine  
hematuria   blood in urine  
nephritis   kidney inflammation  
pyelitis   renal pelvis inflammation  
ureterocystostomy   new opening between ureter and bladder  
spermicide   sperm killer  
cryptorchidism   undescended testicle  
oophoritis   ovary inflammation  
hysteropathy   any disease of uterus  
neoplasm   any tumor or new growth  


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Created by: annes